Are you alone in this world?

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Today I want to talk about life in general. How the people you meet won't always be there and at your current age everything changes up on you. I hope you enjoy what you read and It's midnight right now so this might be a random thought. Typically, I sleep at around 2 AM on the daily and it's a habit I want to change. I believe this might serve a purpose to many people.

As most of you know by now I'm 22 and Life is great for my position but can always be better. My goal is to never be comfortable, no matter where life takes you. It WILL always be better if you let it be. Always be you no matter what don't live life to impress anyone else. To my current followers, you might have heard this many times. Well, let's get to the juicy stuff!

So throughout life, you will have many filters if you already did them congratulations you did something many people will never do. For those who haven't cut people off why not? Think to yourself, "Why do they matter to me?" if you can't answer that get rid of them. Loyalty goes a long way but not that long, trust me. I've had business partners take tens of thousands of dollars from our business accounts. My best friend taking the girl of my dreams. Understand why would they do that to you? My main reason is you deserve it or vengeance.

That makes me want to be alone in life. People will backstab you and take advantage of you until the day comes that you step up. Today, a seller of a home I listed wouldn't leave me alone. I blew up on them. Maybe, the title should be called let me vent lol. But, at the end of the day what does it matter. IT DOESN'T I'm in this position because I chose this path. The main point is that no matter what life throws at you, you're not alone. Family and best friends will be there to the end.

Life isn't about being in a race with certain people. Social media ruined that for us, It shows all the flashy stuff without the real hustle. The world cup is coming up soon. They show you the glory of making the winning goal and showing honor to your country. What's behind that though? Thousands of hours of hardcore training. I'm not a writer so I really am not the best person to take this advice from unless we speak face to face and understand your position.

Behavior psychology

People will forever do things that benefit them. This topic is something I love and always will. But understand, they do it for their benefit. Honestly think about who you are and why you're the way you are. Look this topic up as it's too long to explain. I wrote about this in my most previous article.

I hope you enjoyed, I don't want to make it too as I want as many people to read this.


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