The Shadows of the ergot.Micro Series

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Chapter I: The First Harvest.


It all starts in an old ranch in a rural area, an old man named Fermín had a wheat field which he looked after together with his son Fabricio who liked very much to go to the city to play in the casino, Fabricio was a very vicious person and from time to time he took part of the harvest to sell it and the money was used in the bets, the vices and greed dominated his conduct.

One day, after a storm small mushrooms begin to appear among the wheat, Fermín realizes this and tells his son about that discovery. Fabricio if hesitating took with his hands a small portion of the mushroom to smell and taste it, after a few seconds it feels dizzy and begins to experience mild hallucinations, Mr. Fermín realizes the dizziness of his son and helps him sit.


The next day, Fabricio prepares to analyze the behavior that he had when trying that fungus and related it to the effect that it produces in him when he smokes cigarette, his greedy mind takes him at once to think about commercializing to take advantage of this new harvest, decides to go to the pasture to collect more specimens of these and to sell them as a drug, when he arrives he observes his father who is tearing off what for him was a plague harmful to the plants. Fabricio gets angry when he sees what Fermín was doing and pushes him to remove the mushrooms he had already thrown into the basket.

Unconsciously, Fabricio quickly cleans the strange harvest and chops it into small pieces which he puts into some bags. Mr. Fermín is a little worried about his son's reaction but he doesn't think at all about what Fabricio was going to do with the mushrooms. Fabricio decides to go to the playground and offers his friends a small portion of what he brought in the bag in exchange for a few coins to play with. Enrique, son of a great businessman in the city, is the first to accept the change, he asks 100 grams for 5 coins valued at 2 dollars each, Fabricio enthusiastic about his first negotiation tells Enrique that he must smell and then eat the pieces and that when he tastes the merchandise he will want to continue tasting it but that the next grams will be at a higher price.


Enrique, a little curious about those pieces, decides to smell it and try it, in a matter of seconds he begins to experience a change, the mind feels a little heavy losing a little vision, he gets dizzy and almost falls to the ground but manages to hold on to Lucas and Manuel who accompany him along with Fabricio. Surprised by Enrique's reaction, Fabricio and the others wait for the effect of what has been ingested to pass before they know their sensation.

After a few hours Enrique comes back to himself and although a little dizzy he tells everyone about what he had experienced, -he is great, he is powerful, -he says Enrique, immediately asks him for 100 grams more to continue tasting it at home. Fabricio replies that it would no longer be 10 dollars but 100 dollars, Enrique accepts the new price, buys the merchandise and decides to go to his apartment where he lives alone, when he arrives he repeats the procedure to ingest the pieces recommended by Fabricio, after swallowing them he begins to experience a stronger sensation, because the effects of the first dose had not yet passed completely, Enrique loses control of his body and faints, suddenly he begins to stagger on the floor until he becomes immobile,


The next day, Karla Enrique's partner decides to visit him, when he arrives at the apartment and opens the door, Karla gets her sleeping partner on the floor, she lovingly tries to wake Enrique, he gets up and with signs of anger decides to attack his partner by knocking until she gets out of the apartment, Karla, a little upset and surprised by Enrique's attitude, decides to call Esteban "Enrique's father" to tell him what happened. Esteban immediately arrives at his son's apartment and finds him calmer, convinces him to visit the doctor and takes him to a clinic where he can be checked for the causes of his behavior. After some tests it was determined that the presence of a strong substance in the organism called lysergic acid diethylamide that is generating changes in Enrique's behavior since it is one of the most potent chemical substances to change the mood.

To be continued...................


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