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RE: How to Write an Intro Post and Quality Comments: Writing Class Session 4 Summary

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You have impressive desgin of blog which makes it very easy to understand. All the tips are working concept of steemit. Dynamicsteemians nodoubtly doing great deal of work to contribute in this community and @ntowl is one who has pen power and she is really using this power in all possible manner to add value in steemit :)
I will add more that while blogging they need some technical skill which is markdown syntax. User should well fimiliar with syntax of markdown for stylish and unique blogs.


Thanks @ironclad010. I agree knowing Markdown is necessary for good formatting, but Stackedit does help make much of that easier. It saves me time anyway!

@ntowl Indeed a nice recommendation. I was using Typora earlier . checked stackedit and loved it. Thanks our great blogger :)