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There is a meaning developed and expanded over time, the meaning of our inner world which is to review. There is a path towards the spiritual evolution of the human species. In modern times the need to refer to a mental aspect of everyday life is imperative. We need spiritual food such as we need material food. We need to balance our desires, our consideration of the society we are members of, our plans for growth and our relationship with money. There is no place for immature choices on the way to success. And this success must be beneficial for more people outside of our limited circle. This is a mentality and not a strategy. This is what can save our societies from the total absurdity imposed by collective stupidity. This human stupidity, for example, that praises the centralized global economic system by accepting the absurdity of the mandatory currency and blaming at any occasion any attempt to innovating the obsolete financial system. An old and not functional global ecosystem that causes more devastation than prosperity to the masses. In other words, it is not admitted to having people dying because of lack of food or water or decent medical assistance in the 19th year of the 21st century on Earth. It is ridiculous to be proud of the Space conquest and at the same time not be able to understand the need for a radical change in the financial concepts and the role of what we call Capital.

The next generation philosophical question might be: Where is spirituality in the digital era? Is it possible the technology to save humans from their own stupidity?

Technology led to the planetary interconnection, the internet changed the world already. A young human grows in an environment hyper-charged of various pieces of information, the growth of a young human is not done the same way as just two generations ago... Consequently it is not the same spiritual entity that it was traditionally. In other words, I grew up listening to grandmother's tales, nowadays the very young human grows up following his/her friends in some social media, has access to any kind of information (good or fake or simply propaganda) and its perception of the world has nothing to do with mine. This fact means that the spiritual continuity is disrupted. The traditional way of thinking, acting in society, participating in the work-market, loving and hating have changed or it is no more... Traditional values attached to the spiritual human background are vanishing giving place to a newly conceived spiritual mode of communication with the new Gods. Because there are new Gods, such as the big so-called influencers which in reality are the continuity of the preachers, powerful corporations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. These are becoming a subtle substitute of the church, where the church is essentially the spiritual call for gathering pray and meditate. In two words, the digital environment absorbs the human potential and its spirituality formatting already new kind of "religions" and social behaving. It is, of course, the course of human development and it is not necessarily bad... but there is obviously a new critical question that should get a concrete answer in the near future: is there any spirituality in the rising digital world, economy, society...? And if there is the new connected collective spirituality, is this new era able to regulate human stupidity?

Thanks for reading me! Have an excellent Friday!

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Thank you very much for your comment @michaeljn somewhere it should be common sense but only a few people are noticing these issues, happy you agree! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! 🙏🍻😄👍

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Have a lovely weekend too. and also thanks for all the resteems, much appreciated :-)

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foveri i photo!!! kali sinexeia
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Ευχαριστώ πολύ @nikosnitza Να οργανώσουμε κάτι σε φαγοπότι για το ΣΚ? Έχω βέβαια ένα κολλητό που μόλις μπήκε νοσοκομείο για προγραμματισμένη απλή εγχείρηση και θα είμαι μαζί του τις περισσότερες ώρες αλλά καθώς χρειαζόμαστε και φαγητό και ποτό για να στηρίζουμε το μυαλό και το σώμα σίγουρα θα βρω χρόνο. Μιλάμε αργότερα! 🙏👽🍻🐱

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ok... milame mipos kai ta kataferoume giati ki egw eimai ligo piesmenos!

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