[Weekly Report] The Growth Of A Lower Class Minnow. #3

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I'm still a so called superuser, even though I'm a small one. I have 2.364 MVESTS and superusers have anything between 1-10 MVESTS. I had 2.29 MVESTS in my last report, so I've been able to grow a litte bit. 0.074 MVESTS to be exact.


I Still Delegate 100% Of My Steem Power

Last Week:

This Week:


My delegations are pretty much the same as in my previous report, except for one minor change. I delegate 150 SP instead of 80 SP to @brandonfrye. Besides the extra 70 SP I decided to delegate, my other delegations are still in place. However, as you can see if you compare them with the ones from the week before, all of them are changing a little bit. I earn Steem Power even though I delegate everything I have. Like I've said before, delegations are a terrific way to support others and to contribute to a better place and an even better experience for everyone in the long haul. -Especially as you'll grow at the same time!

Last Week:

This Week:


In terms of followers and posts, there aren't that much of a difference though. However, I haven't been able to be as active as before due to School, and like I've said previously too: Small improvements are still improvements.

So, I've managed to get 6 more followers and I've written 30 posts in total since my last report. I'd be glad to see similar stats like these further on too. As long as I grow, even at a slow pace, I'd be very satisfied.

Thank You For The Support!

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Great mentality - I'm going to be taking a leaf from your book and follow suit with some more delegations I think..... good to see all your statistics moving in the right direction.. :)


Hey man, thank you!
As I've been delegating all my Steem Power for several months, I figured that I should try to earn a little bit extra for myself, which is the reason I decided to go with the delegation to brandonfrye.

I obviously don't earn anything major with such a small delegation, but it gives me something extra, which I'll ultimately will be able to delegate to others. I'll definitely continue to delegate all my Steem Power to others for as long as I can.


I'm sure the recipients are hugely appreciative - especially if it helps them get the vote slider at the 500SP level!


Yeah, that was my first idea (several months ago), but we do things a little bit different nowadays. The delegations obviously serves its purpose and help others to grow their accounts in a little bit higher pace than without the delegations, amongst other things... But the most important part is the delegation I have to the official asapers account, as that is the account who supports all the authors we curate.

The asapers project, my delegations, my approach. Everything is literally based upon, or inspired (in some way) by FTG, the SOG initiative and the pay-it-forward mindset.

I try to help others, and even though I don't really believe in karma, I still believe I'll benefit in the long run by my delegations and my actions. :)

Great to see this as I am trying to implement a similar strategy to diversify my Steem Power into projects that support the long term development of the ecosystem. I am also trying to lease out some SP to see how that goes. One thing I am researching is also delegating to projects that will creates Dapps on the STEEM blockchain and create SMT for potential opportunities.


That's cool. I delegate almost all my steem power to the @asapers project, either directly or indirect, as I delegate to people who're involved in the project. Our focus is to help the newcomers and to support them as much as possible. We share the rewards with featured authors and things like that to improve the experience for everyone.

The delegation to brandonfrye is only to grow my own account a little more, so I can ultimately help even more people with my delegations further on. I got all the inspiration and motivation I needed to pull this off by ftg (@fulltimegeek) and his SOG (stewards of gondor) initiative.

I can't say if it's the best approach or not, but I personally like the idea of delegations. Especially when I can delegate towards a project like the asapers, which I know has its focus on newcomers... That being said, there's literally dozens of really cool projects out there, so I wish I had millions of Steem power in total... :D

Thank you for the support as your delegation goes a long way in both providing you an opportunity to invest, and supporting our @minnowfund initiative. So we appreciate it! :)

Edit: Resteemed & upvote on the way


You're welcome and thank you! :)
It's a nice little extra boost which I can use to empower others in the future, so it feels great so far. I'm satisfied with the results I've had. Thank you for the opportunity and thanks for the support, I appreciate it! :)

I have learned from this post and i'm inspired to emulate, my regards to you @hitmeasap


I'm glad you liked it. :)

Delegations are a dangerous game that simply let people turn into rent-seekers instead of content creators or curators. I've always thought they break the economic engine of Steemit.


I totally understand your point and I agree with you to some extent.

I can't say that I'm fond over the idea that whales can delegate millions of SP to bid-bots and earn thousands of Steem or SBD per day by doing so... I honestly think that's pretty lame and awful.

However, I do like the idea of delegations, as I can clearly see how my power affects specific people. To delegate 100 SP to someone who has 400 SP in total for instance. That's pretty amazing as you'll give these people the chance to earn some extra curation rewards, but they'll also be able to reward other authors a little bit extra than before... But the best thing is the vote-slider.

Delegations can be used for good and bad things, as most of the things. It depends on who you are and how you see things. I delegate my steem power to others for free. Sure, I have only 1.1K SP in total, but I would do the same if I had 10K too.

I can totally understand why people delegate all their SP to bid-bots or rent steem power to others in an attempt to earn money, but I'd rather let others use my powers for free.

People are generally to focused on themselves and to earn money right now. At this specific moment. I'd rather try to build some sort of "middle-class" on Steemit and benefit by it in the long run...