Does Everyone Have A Doppelgänger? - 7 People In The World Look Exactly Like You!

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Do You Have A Look-Alike?

Both guys in the above photo is me. And no, I'm not schizophrenic. There is only one me. But, rumours is that there's actually 7 people in the world who looks exactly like me...

I find it very hard to believe but then again, I'm having a hard time explaining the reasons for all the look-alikes I've seen, so it's very confusing at times... - That's also the reason I write this article.

You've probably heard of Will Ferrell. You might have heard of Chad Smith too.

I wouldn't say that they look identical but you could take a quick look at one of them and easily believe it's the other guy. - And that's just one example out of hundreds.

However, we won't be talking about all the celebrity-look-alikes out there. Just type "celebrity look-alike" on google and you'll find thousands of photos.

Twin Strangers is a place where you can find your look-alike.

As you can clearly see, these two look practically identical. Most people would say that they are in fact twins and nothing besides that.

Irene Adams and Niamh Geaney, both from Ireland, took a DNA test to see if they were related.

The results showed that there was a zero percent chance of the women being sisters, at 150,000-1 odds, and neither did they share one parent.

  • Kind of weird, right?

That being said, people still speculate and believe that there are 7 people in the world, who look exactly like you, and when you've seen Irene and Niamh, it's no wonder people are believing that.

I'm not a super-mathematician or a biology-expert or anything like that, so I have to either study these things or spend some time doing research.. And I chose to do research because I find this very interesting.

Is it true that there are 7 other people in the world, who look exactly like you?

One of the best answers I found was this one, from Mallika Muralidharan:

I can safely say that it is certainly not true that you have a doppelganger somewhere out there in the world.
There are 6.4 billion base pairs in human DNA.* Since only about 0.1% of our DNA varies, I can say that 0.001*6,400,000,000 = 6,400,000 base pairs vary from person to person. That's 6.4 million base pairs. This gives us a probability of 1 out of 2^6400000 that two random people will share the same DNA.
This probability is so small that my calculator throws up a value that is equal to zero when I type it in. It's equivalent to the odds of flipping a fair coin 6.4 million times and getting tails all times. That's more than the number of neutrons, electrons and protons in the Universe -- much much much more. That's more than the number of stars in the Universe. That's definitely larger than the total number of people that have ever existed.
I am quite sure that you are the only you that has ever walked on planet Earth.


She later added this:

[Side note: I have a friend who insists that she knows who looks very similar to me and who appears to have the same work-ethic and hobbies as me -- including training in south Indian vocals and the violin. Unfortunately, no amount of mathematics and calculations can convince some that there isn't a doppelganger for anyone on Earth. Well, I tried.]

EDIT: I've assumed a bunch of things here.
Looks are assumed solely by genes and not by environmental factors such as stress, diet and exercise. Of course, the experiences of two people cannot be exactly the same.
A difference of one base pair causes a perceptible change in looks. Again, not necessarily true; lots of genes don't code for looks, but for things like behaviour and tendencies for certain diseases. If I did consider it, this question would be very difficult to answer.

Mallika seems to be very certain of the fact that you don't have a doppelganger. She even tells us why and bring tons of calculations and facts to prove her point. - Are you convinced yet?

The Same Question Got Another Answer...

Pat Harkin said this:

Exactly? Probably not. I have a scar on my forehead which is quite unusual.

But if you start doing some maths, you can get interesting results. There are 7 billion of us. About half are male (like me) so that's 3.5 billion. I'm nearly 60, so to look like me, you'd need to be between 50 and 70 - lets say that cuts in down to a billion. I'm caucasian which takes it down to (rough guess) 250 million. Lets say there are 100 nose shapes and 100 mouths. We're down to 25,000. Fifty hair shades? 5,000. Oh, ears! Now we're down to 500. Eye colour - let's say 50.

So at a quick estimate, there are 50 people my gender and skin tone and have the same shaped nose, mouth and ears and hair colour. Our eyes are close enough in colour to pass casual inspection.

The maths here is very suspect (hair, skin and eye colour are associated, which I didn't allow for) but it seems reasonable that for most people there will be several others alive who resemble them closely enough to pass casual inspection, perhaps even at the level of border guard passport photo comparison.

But EXACTLY like me? Unlikely. I have scars and moles which I'm pretty sure are mine only!

Now, things are getting really interesting. One of them says it's almost impossible (based on DNA, facts and whatever) and the other one seems to be pretty convinced that it could be look-alikes somewhere... Even though both of them agrees that it's unlikely there's people looking exactly like you.

But how can we explain these things?

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

It is genetically impossible.

Even if the person is an identical twin, every human being has unique mutations. Even twins are not 100% identical, so it's impossible. 7 people in the world cannot look exactly like you. The odds of even one person being identical to you, is astronomically high. That's based on facts.

  • But how can we explain all these look-alikes walking around then?

I am terrible sorry. I will most likely leave you with more questions than answers... - I find this extremely interesting but also, a bit odd, weird and scary at the same time.

I want to be the only me. How about you?

Do you have any answers for something like this?

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