The Creepy Clown - A Short Story for Halloween

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WARNING: This story is quite gory!

This story was written over the course of 15 days as a collaborative effort by a number of people while playing a game.
You can see the original beginning of the work here.
And the final parts here.

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It started out much the same as any other Halloween Night. The children were excited about getting dressed up and going door to door to collect treats.

Twelve-year-old Skyler was going to be a clown this year. He went all out and bought himself a wig and some clown clothing as well as a face-painting kit. His sister did an awesome job of painting his face and Skyler was very proud to go out as a clown. Skyler was expecting to collect a lot of treats this year, so he went into the garage to find himself a large potato sack for holding all his goodies. As Skyler dug around in the garage for the potato sack, a spider bit his middle finger and it began to swell up.

Skyler wasn't about to let a swollen middle finger stop him from collecting his loot, so he wrapped a bandage around his finger and drank something from his parent's medicine cabinet that he thought was pain killer. Skyler began to feel kind of strange, but his finger hurt less, so he was content and carried on with his plans for the evening.

Skyler's first stop for the night would be his best friend, Billy's house. He excidedly rushed over and pounded on the door, yelling, "Billy! Billy! Are you ready?"

Billy opened the door, noticing the bandaged finger, but had to comment on the awesome outfit: "Skyler, is that you? You look awsome as a creepy clown! What's with the finger? Do you plan to give everyone 'the finger' while trick-or-treating?"

Skyler just smiled, exposing his shark-like teeth.

Skyler looks down at his upright middle finger with the bandage on it and holds it out to Billy and asks, "You mean, like, give them all 'the finger'? Yea. I think that's a good idea. For some strange reason, I seem to want to hate living things and crave blood."

Billy laughs nervously and asks if Skyler is just kidding and playing the part, but in the next instant he finds Skyler attacking him!

Skyler tore at Billy's neck with his shark-like teeth and blood began spurting out of the hole that remained where flesh once was. Billy screams and then slumps to the floor, his body twitching while blood continues to spurt out with each pump of his heart. Skyler has just murdered his best friend! What a way to start a Halloween night!

Skyler looks around and sees both of Billy's parents looking on in disbelief. They are standing in separate doorways, frozen by what they just witnessed. Skyler seems possessed and without hesitation, moves to where the father is standing and proceeds to attack Billy's father.

While Skyler loved billy he didn't seem to feel upset as he walked over his fading body. Skyler was just angry that billy's dad made him do it. Skyler wasn't going to let him get away with it, but Billy's dad parrys Skyler away and in his rage swings at him and Skyler is knocked to the floor. Suddenly, the magnitude of his actions have come over him. He looks at the door and thinks about running away and crying. Skyler rolls over onto his hands and knees, looking at Billies dad with blood tinged eyes, a low growl could be heard coming from deep within Skyler; a feral growl of a caged trapped animal. Billy's dad takes a half step back on seeing the red of Skylers eyes and hearing the low rumbling growl that sent shivers down his spine.

Shaking off the pain of being knocked back by Billy's dad, like a wet mongrel, Skyler hunches back and launches at Billy's dad. Going for the deep throbbing pulse in his neck. Skyler uses his arms to hang off the man's body the way a baby monkey hangs off its mother, while simultaneously ripping out both sides of the man's neck using his shark-like teeth.

When Billy's dad succumbs to his injuries and falls to the floor, Skyler lets go of the man and sits back on his haunches, licking his lips and savoring the taste of the revenge he took on Billy's dad. Skyler was no longer going to be pushed and shoved around by any Adults any more.

"More," Skyler moaned, licking his lips, not noticing the slight pain as his sharpened teeth flaked and became like small, knife-like blades...

All he knew was that he was hungry... and he could hear a delicious, delicious heartbeat nearby!

Skyler moved back into the hallway, stopping to rip off an ear from Billy's corpse, which stared back blankly, as if still shocked at his sudden demise. Humming to himself, Skyler moves closer to the door to the master bedroom where Billy's mother is... he can hear ragged breaths from inside!

Skyler claws delicately at the door, opening it on squeaking hinges... the breaths grow faster...

He hears a strange noise. beep ... beep

Billy's mom is trying to call for help using the phone, a voice whispers in Skyler's ear... a voice that grows smaller and smaller as his desire to feast, to tear and rip and maim and KILL grows stronger and stronger...

Skyler suddenly becomes aware of the space around him. He sees the furious fearsome bloody face of a clown in the mirror at the doorway. He smashes the mirror, bloodies his hand, and runs from the house back to his own where he finds himself drawn to his own mother.

Skyler runs into his house and looks around. He sees his Mum near the window that looks onto Billy's house. She's on the phone and seems panicked. He can see his Dad who looks confused and his little sister who is just playing...

Skyler feels the love and emotion from years of a happy childhood... for a second... until the rage and the hurt comes over him. He's still injured from fighting Billy's dad and is sure that if he drains his sister he'll be better again. He lunges at her throat but Skyler's Dad scoops up his sister before Skyler can get to her and kicks Skyler away with his foot.

"Son, son! What's wrong with you, son?" His Dad screams... Skyler screams back in response, "BLLLLLOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Skyler looks at his dad, then at his sister. His mind is no longer his to control and all he can think about is killing for blood. His dad was the one who protected his sister, so it should be him who is the greatest threat. Having made that deduction, Skyler lunges at his father's throat with his mouth wide open, ready to chomp down on some fresh blood.

Skyler's dad was ready for the attack and managed to jump back quickly enough for Skyler to miss him entirely, but Skyler had just one goal in mind and quickly lunged again.

Annoyed at his son's persistence, Skyler's dad punches at Skyler's chest in an attempt to knock the wind out of him and at the same time preventing Skyler from reaching him. The father, who's adrenaline is now high, punches Skyler harder than he had expected and hears a slight cracking noise as 2 of Skyler's ribs crack.

Skyler's eyes abruptly clear. "Daddy, you hurt me," his voice trembling, he looks up at his dad. As dad approaches warily his son, Skyler feels a tear seep out of his eye. But dad stops and stares. Skyler wipes away the tear and sees that his hand comes away black. His tears are a thick, oozing ichor. Nonetheless, the love his father has for him overcomes his good sense, and dad bends to hold his son hugging him with the arm that isn't holding Skyler's sister.

Skyler sees only a tasty treat pressed against his tasty treat hole and begins to eat his sister. Yum that feels like power in Skyler's belly. His sister's intestines he slurps like spaghetti. Skyler was about to turn on dad, whose beer gut looks like pork belly, but when dad felt the warmth of the blood from his daughter dripping over his arm, he dropped Skyler to check on his now lifeless daughter.

As skyler fails to bite his dad again he grows annoyed, with each kill his mind grows more clear, still feral but able to think ahead and plan more. He smiles at his dad and leaves looking at him, walking backwards slowly out the door. 'Cya later dad, don't worry, I won't stay out late'.

Skyler had one thing on his mind now, kill his dad. He walked up the road calmly, blending in with other children out trick or treating, he wanted to taste them as well, but you can't have desert before the main. He stopped at the house north of billy's. If he could find a weapon there, that would stop his dad pushing him back; that will teach him. He knocks at the door. A mother alone with her two babies answers the door. It is his mother's friend and she recognises him, although after a brief startle. "Hi Skyler, excellent costume! You gave me a real fright! I thought you were trick-or-treating with billy..."

Clear-headed, Skyler politely explains... "I just saw Billy before. He's not feeling the best so he said I should start without him and he'll catch up."

"Well, let me start you off." She says as she looks around for her bowl of candies.

"Trick or treat ma'am?" Skyler asks.

"Treat, Skyler." She announces as she turns to pick up the bowl from behind the door, but doesn't even reach it before Skyler pounces, lunging towards that tasty spinal fluid...

She falls down before Skyler can bite her.... howling, tearing, ripping, screaming he lunges for her throat this time as she cries for help and her babies start bawling... Skyler rips in, instantly getting stronger... as her cries turn to gurgles...

Skyler's self-preservation awareness is now very acute. He assesses the situation and realizes that killing people helps to recover his injuries. Killing babies is like taking candy from a baby, only better! He will leave these here in case he needs them later. Because it's Halloween, he can fit right in and get people to open their doors simply by knocking or ringing the bell. That way he can case their homes ahead of time. He decides to move across the street to check out the next house.

Skyler knocks on the door of the house and yells out, "Trick-or-treat!" He waits for a while, but nobody answers. Maybe he'll come back later and try again.

Skyler decides to go back to known territory. He climbs over the fence separating the house north of Billy's, into Billy's backyard. He looks through the slider door and see's Billy's mom still crying like a tortured baby. This gets Skyler's blood-lust up, thinking of the babies left behind. He silently slides the door open and creeps up on the loudly wailing woman. He wraps his arms around her neck leaving room to go for the juggler. A soft kittenish meow escapes his breath into Billy's mom's ear.

The taste of her sweetened adrenaline-loaded blood from fear works into Skyler's blood stream, his lust growing with every struggle from Billy's mom. Skyler keeps his hold on her as she slumps to her knees. Skyler's voice whispers in her ear, "soon, you can join Billy", as he sinks his teeth into the other side of her neck. Skyler then sits back, licking his lips as the adrenaline-filled blood fills his body. He feels good; he has delivered Billy's mother to Billy. The House feels empty now.

Skyler leaves Billy's house and walks up the road. He feels calm and his thoughts becoming clear but he will occasionally regress and think of nothing but killing. He is sure if he feeds more he will recover completely, or at the very least it will give a calm head for a short period.

He arrives at the second house down on the right and manages to even put on a smile while knocking at the door. "AHHH," he yells as no one answers. Already he is craving a new feed; not for pleasure but because of need.

Skyler can't handle it.... it's been minutes since his last feed... the frustration of no-one answering the door is driving him insane. He needs sweet, sweet blood and he needs it now.

As he leaves this house, some other trick-or-treaters walk up the path... there are 3 boys and an older girl... he passes them quietly as they excitedly head towards the door and then he pounces on them as their backs are turned.

He screams and lunges at the older girl first... He knocks them all over but doesn't manage to bite anyone. The girl is angry but the boys think it's hilarious and jump back on Skyler, pinning him down on the ground.... Skyler tries to bite one of the boys but someone's knee ended up on Skyler's chest and he couldn't bite anyone... the boys laugh as one of them pulls out some wrestling moves and jumps back on... someone lands on Skyler's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. The children leave Skyler laying on the concrete path and resume their trick-or-treating.

Skyler has a rage building inside him, he is angry with himself for letting himself be humiliated. He needs strength, he needs to feed. He goes to the babies he left alone, he steps over their mother and stands over the babies, staring at them. He knows he shouldn't but it doesn't take long after staring at them before its too late, it was almost a reflex. Billy tasted sweet, so did his sister, but babies, they taste divine, sending him into a brief state of euphoria like an addict who has just shot up.

Looking for more, Skyler decides to go back to the house he just previously visited where nobody answered the door and then he got beat up by the group of children. Skyler knocks at the door, hoping someone answers this time.

A young lady opens the door and Skyler blurts out, "trick or treat, mam!"

As the lady bends over to put treats into Skyler's potato sack that he held out in front of him, he lets go of the sack and lunges at her smooth neck.

Seeing the sack fall to the floor, the young lady bends over even more to pick up the sack and her head crashes into Skyler's head. They both fall back and hold their heads in their hands. Skyler looks upon this as a new opportunity. While she's distracted with her sore head, he tries to attack again. He lunges again for her lovely neck and this time he is satisfied with the sweet young blood that spurts from the gash in her throat.

After enjoying the fruits of his exploits, Skyler moves around the house to scout out where the strange smell is coming from. In one of the rooms he finds a marijuana grow operation. Ah! So this must be the house the neighbours were talking about. It was rumored that there was a grow house in the area. But that mattered little to Skyler; he was more interested in BLOOD.

Mmmm. Skyler felt drawn to new experiences. Blood might be what gives this demon strength, but there was a curiosity to this demon too, perhaps that's why it had chosen Skyler, a child, to inhabit.

He follows his nose to the demon weed, finds a lighter and lights things on fire, inhaling the smoke each time. He gleefully notices that the house has caught on fire too.

The smoke from the weed has given Skyler the munchies. He desperately looks for something to eat... anything... he goes through the cupboards and finds some chips... and devours them... it's not enough... he continues searching the house and finds a baseball bat. This might come in handy, he thinks, and places the bat into his potato sack.

Skyler continues to search the house as the fire grows larger. He finds a sack of flour, another baseball bat, a cross-bow, some bottled water and an axe. Oh yeah, we have water, Skyler was sure getting thirsty for something other than blood after all the smoke and munchies, he really needed to wet his whistle. Skyler picks up the axe and lovingly caresses it thinking of (and wondering) what kind of sound it will make going into a head. Will it make a watermelon style split of the head, or more of a coconut shattering of the skull. Skyler thought to himself, this is going to be a great Halloween, as these and other thoughts raced through his head. He can't fit everything into his sack, so leaves the flour behind.

He walks across the road to another house and knocks on the door screaming, "TRICK OR TREAT!" A Man opens the door and Skyler can see 3 woman in the back of the room and one is holding a baby.

At the sight of so much flesh he grows eager to eat more. As the man reaches for the candy bowl Skyler grabs the axe from his bag and jumps at the man.

The man sees the boy jump at him with an axe and is able to move out of the way while swinging a back-hand at the boy. Skyler moves out of the the way of the back-hand and notices the woman have not seen the fight yet, so he swings the axe again at the man. This time the axe cuts the man's throat and Skyler enjoys the taste of his blood.

The feel of the axe in Skylers's hand is wonderful to him; he is well pleased with the sound of the air escaping from the open wind pipe as the man died. Still, Skyler did not know what sound the ax made smashing through skull bone. The women seem to be out of it; they had not yet noticed the carnage at the door.

Skyler sneaks further into the house and hides behind a Lazy boy chair close to the door. With ax in hand he is able to nudge the door hard enough for it to slam closed. Quickly pulling his hand and ax back behind the chair with him he waits on the reaction of the women.

"Damnit Jerkwad, we are trying to chat here, did you need to slam the door that loud"? Becky called out. Skyler chuckled to himself, they did not even budge. He needed them to separate a little bit. He learned his lesson with the kids on the street.

The baby, thought Skyler; maybe only one of them would come to check on the baby, so he sneaked past the oblivious women to hide close to the baby. Success! He made it with out being detected. Skyler raised his bloody hand then slapped the baby so it would scream out in pain.

The baby did as Skyler hoped and screamed out in pain. "Damn that man, the baby was sleeping fine till he slammed the door. I'll just go check on the baby, you two just relax". Becky said as she got up to check on the baby. She just noticed that Darrell, or Dah Rail, as he liked it pronounced was not in his chair at the door any more. 'lazy good for nothing lay-about she thought, he must have left'.

Skyler could see the woman now coming in to check on the baby. Yes she sees the blood on his face and is picking him up. Now! Skyler thought. He creeps out from his hiding place, standing behind the woman and swings his axe down on her head.

The woman is frozen with fear and disbelieve as she turns around to find a horrible mutated bloody child swinging at her. With a not so clean hit skyler slices through Becky and the baby in her hands together. He felt good. He didn't stop to feed but instead ripped both their heads from their bodies and started laughing, he walks to the main room and throws Becky's head at the 2 women there and waits for a scream and as they look at him while he drinks from the babies head. He was cocky and he wanted the prey to fear him, he wanted them to run.

Skyler felt more the monster with every feeding. He began to feel that he alone could never slake his own thirst. He had a plan, but first he wanted these women to run, terrified from the house to spread fear.

"Booga booga," he hollered, and threw the baby's head at them.

Instead of running in terror, the women chased him out the door!

When Skyler reaches the street he looks back to see that the 2 women are no longer chasing him and slows down to a walk. He thinks to himself: Hey! Wait a minute! Why am I running from 2 old ladies? I'm the one with all the weapons!

Skyler stops walking and puts the axe into his sack and pulls out the cross bow. This should do the trick, he thinks to himself. Then he heads confidently back to the house where the 2 women chased him out of just moments before. He tries the door and what do you know; the women didn't even lock the door! He swings the door open and raises the cross bow. Skyler pulls the trigger and a shaft strikes one of the women and buries itself in her chest. She grabs hold of the shaft as if to pull it out and then falls to the floor. The other woman looks on in horror.

Skyler shoots 2 more arrows at the only other person left standing in this house. The first arrow misses, but the second arrow hits its target and the old lady cries out as she falls to the floor.

"Hey! This thing is pretty cool!" Skyler says out loud to himself. He feels good about himself and his marksmanship.

Skyler starts to feed on the old women but spits out their bitter blood, he was spoilt by the taste of the youth.

He rests his crossbow across his shoulder as he walks out to the street, he looks around carelessly and thinks its time to end his dad once and for all. He walks back to his house kicks open the half open door and shoots straight for his dad, who is holding his sisters dead body. The arrow hits his dead sister and her blood splatters across his fathers face. Rage grew in his fathers eyes.

The rage in his fathers eyes does not faze Skyler one bit. He raises the cross bow again. His father's rage grows seeing the cross bow raised at him once more. He puts down the child and stares back at Skyler, rage coloring his eyes still. He see's a smile cross Skyler's lips as his finger tightens on the bolt release mechanism. The rage in Skyler's father's eyes turns to pain, Skyler can see this, as his father clutches at the crossbow bolt in his chest. Skyler calmly loads a second bolt in the crossbow, "I do love you father, and I am sorry" Skyler barely whispers as he once again squeezes the release mechanism of the crossbow, ending his father's life.

Skyler looks around for his mother and realises his biggest mistake... she's been on the phone with the police this whole time...

His brain is clear again now that he feasted on his father... and he remembers watching movies about bank robbers going up against the police and losing.

He starts to panic. He hasn't felt like this for a long time. He doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know where to go.

"Please hurry, oh my god, he just killed my husband," he hears his mother say.

Skyler doesn't know what to do, so he sits down to think it out...

... as his dear old Mom attacks him with the fire poker. In her fear she completely missed, and absolutely shocked, Skyler turns around... the panic in his brain increases as she winds up for a 2nd strike which is successful. Skyler suffers another injury.

One thing Skyler is very sure about is that if he stays here without doing anything, his mother will kill him, so he runs out the door of the house to avoid further beatings. Then he abruptly turns around and fires an arrow from the cross bow at his mother. Unfortunately for Skyler, he didn't load an arrow into the cross bow, so in his haste, he simply wasted time and allowed his mother to catch up to him and whack him once more with the fire poker.

Skyler starts to feel like the monster he has become, with everyone out to get him but even monsters need allies, why was he this way? He runs away from his mother and goes into his garage from the outside door, then sneaks back into the house to his parent's medicine cabinet and pulls the half-used bottle down from the shelf. He didn't have the spider but perhaps his spider-bitten finger might still have enough venom in it if someone ingested it all.

He bites off his own finger and yells in pain as his toxic black blood pours out. He fills the bottle with his blood and also his swollen finger filled with venom. He has no idea if this will work but if the police are coming he needs to make sure they don't stop him. To do that he needs help. He adds the strange concoction to his potato sack and quickly leaves the room in search of his mother. He sneaks up behind her and manages to pour some of his concoction down her throat. The result may not have been exactly what he had hoped for, but perhaps it was his mother's gagging at attempting to refuse the drink that made her pass out. Whatever the case, she stopped struggling and was quiet now.

With Mother out of the way, and the house now dead empty, Skyler takes a taste of his mothers tainted blood. The taste makes him feel a bit strange, but it has been a strange night so far.

He looks down at his missing finger as it was beginning to itch like crazy. His finger joint was no longer bleeding and not swollen. Was it the concoction being diluted by his mothers blood? He decides to take some of his mothers blood with him.

The police? What to do about them. Skyler was unsure. He could hear some sirens way off in the distance, police or fire trucks he did not know. There were always problems every Halloween and Skyler was hoping the police had better things to do than to check up on a hysterical woman on the phone babbling about a demon clown child.

As Skyler sat thinking about his next move, he heard a whisper in his head..."the neighbors to the north, they were always laughing at should do something about it...don't you think"?...Skyler did not know where the voice came from, but the voice was right, and they were not nice neighbors.

Skyler gathered his things and headed to the neighbors house. He knocked on the door. After knocking on the door Skyler thought he should have looked for dads big gun but it's now too late; things were already set in motion. He stood in front of the door like any trick or treater, bouncing from leg to leg in the hopes the door would open.

Yes, someone was home and the door opened wide. Before him stood a little girl; one that used to tease him incessantly at school. Skyler opened his sack, but instead of holding it out for candy, he reached in and removed his axe.

The little girl was speechless and stood there dumbfounded as Skyler raised the axe and swung it at her. The axe came down on her head and Skyler's question was now answered; the sound made was somewhere between a coconut being split open and a watermelon being split open. What he didn't expect is that the axe got stuck in her skull and he had a bit of a job getting the axe free again. As Skyler wiggled the axe handle back and forth to remove the axe-head from the girl's skull, she fell to the floor and her head moved with the axe. Skyler had to step on her head to keep it still so that he could finally wiggle the axe free.

After removing the axe from the girl's head, Skyler noticed that there were 2 babies in the house and he moved closer to them.

Maybe if he fed the concoction to the babies, they'd become monsters like him. He hoped so and fed them each the blood-medicine syrup.

While Skyler was waiting for the concoction to take effect, a lady walked into the room. Skyler's immediate reaction was to attack her so that she would not interfere.

This lady was quick to defend herself and blocked Skyler's attacks. She then used some martial arts moves to retaliate.

The lady had Skyler in a hold that immobilized him and asked him what he was doing in her house.

Skyler immediately understood that she had yet to see what he did to the little girl, so he simply lied to her, telling her that he was out trick-or-treating, that her door was open and when he heard the babies in here, he had to come see the cute babies. He meant them no harm.

The lady believed his story and loosened her grip on Skyler.

"Trick or treat, Ma'm?" Skyler coyly asked.

The woman slowly gets up off of Skyler, as one of the babies starts to cry. Skyler backs up a little bit, putting some distance between him and the ninja lady. He readies his cross bow, not wanting to get in close to the woman due to her speed and strength. Just as Skyler let loose the trigger on the crossbow the woman bent to pick up a baby. Skyler heard a loud gasp from her as she did so. Skyler readies another crossbow bolt, this time aiming for the bulk of her body and not trying to be fancy with a head shot; he just wanted her dead.

Ninja lady hears the twin twangs of the crossbow string and the the twin thunks as crossbow bolts slam into the wall close by her. She gently lowers her twin baby back into the crib, grabs hold of one of the crossbow bolts and throws it at Skyler while yelling, "What did you do to my babies, you monster?"

The crossbow bolts flies through the air end over end. Ninja Lady was good, she was real good. All Skyler could do was watch in amazement as the bolt hurtled through the air, then plunged hard into his left thigh.

Skyler looks down at his thigh with the bolt half embedded but he is not in pain and grabs it and pulls it out and backs away from the screaming woman who is watching her babies snarling back at her from their crib, their eyes are crazed. Skyler grabs a rag and wraps it around his thigh to slow the bleeding. He is now thinking twice about attacking the woman again, but the woman now furious, rushes towards Skyler raising her leg to kick him. Skyler ducks out of the way just in time.

One of the babies is reaching from the crib to grab its mother's hair with a crazed look on its face.

Skyler uses this distraction by the baby to run away from this ninja-woman. He runs up to the house at the north-east corner of the street and pounds on the door. Skyler announces, "Trick or treat!" as the door finally opens, then takes a good look around while the man who opened the door reaches for candy to give to Skyler. Skyler notices there are 2 men and a baby here. Perhaps now is not a good time to be attacking these people.

Skyler holds out his bag and the man drops the candy into the bag, noticing all the weapons in the bag.

"That's quite the costume you have there, young man," exclaimed the man who opened the door. "Those weapons sure add to the effect, but don't leave much room for your candy. And all that blood splatter everywhere is amazing. What did you use to make the blood?"

Skyler quickly responds that his sister helped him with the outfit, so he wasn't sure what she used. He thanked the man for the compliments and candy and quickly moved on to the house across the street.

Skyler knocks on the door to see who is still left in the neighborhood. He could still hear the faint sirens of police or fire trucks in the distance. He can see a faint light behind the curtain, 'maybe the knock was just not loud enough', he thought to himself. He mustered up his courage for another knock on the door. The more firm and solid knock paid off, as a child opened the door.

"Hello, sweet little one!" Skyler smiles at the child. "I'm doing reverse trick-or-treating. Would you like some candy?" Skyler surreptitiously smears some of his blood and medicine concoction on a full sized snickers he'd gotten from the previous fellow and hands it to the child.

The child sees skyler open the packet and smear on the concoction. She pushes the snickers out of his hands and says, "I don't want that".

Skyler picks up the candy and pushes the child against the wall and demands she eat it.

This time the child gets mad and pushes Skyler out the door, slams it and locks it.

Skyler yells to her that she doesn't know what she is missing and climbs the house to enter through an open window. He sneaks in undetected and closes the window behind him. With a wide grin on his face he thinks that those now-closed double locks on the door will come in real handy if she thinks of fleeing.

Skyler now sets out to find the little girl. Since she won't take his candy, he will need to kill her, so he readies his axe and moves around the house from room to room until he finds her. She seems to be reading a book or doing homework, so he has a good chance of sneaking up on her. Just as Skyler enters the room, the girl looks up and sees Skyler approaching with his axe. She darts out another door screaming. Skyler is in hot pursuit, chasing the girl around the house.

When Skyler gets close enough to the little girl he swings his axe at her and it lands in her back. She is pushed forwards by the force of the blow, making her move faster than her legs could move to stay under her. She falls forward, smashing her little head on the corner of a heavy dresser. A gash opens up on her head and blood begins to flow out. At the same time, her neck is jarred backwards into an odd angle and a slight snapping sound is heard as her neck breaks. In a few seconds, all the noise and commotion ends and the house is dead silent, except for the sound of the sirens outside getting closer and louder. Skyler takes a moment to feed on the little girl's blood.

With the sound of the sirens, Skyler decides it is time to take on the Ninja Lady again. She is the only living person left that knows some of what he has done. After getting his fill of the little girl Skyler adds a few drops of her fresh blood to his concoction. For being small the little girl had some fast reflexes. Skyler had no doubt that had there been an easy exit, the girl would have gotten away but she cornered herself like a small inexperienced rat.

Just prior to knocking on the Ninja-lady's door again Skyler gives his concoction a shake and takes a small sip, he feels his muscles tighten like a coiled spring. Skyler knocks on the door, and hides the axe behind his back ready to strike. Ninja-Lady opens the door, she had a phone in one hand, Skyler does not hesitate, quick as the proverbial brown fox, the hand with the axe comes out from behind his back swinging hard and fast at the Ninja-Lady.

Ninja-Lady was still fast. She hopped back like a frightened rabbit when she saw who was at the door and the axe struck the floor where she once stood.

Skyler knows the ninja lady is crazed with him and he decides to use it to his advantage. If she tastes the concoction it doesn't matter if she become like him or not, the local neighbourhood ninja is far more likely to have massacred half the neighbourhood without anyone really noticing.

He pounces on her and she goes to block the attack but skyler out ninjaed her, he never went to attack, instead he shoved his hand in her mouth holding the concoction and watches as she chokes on it. She falls down and he stares as she fits and slowly calms into unconsciousness.

He then goes to the babies and sees they are different, and they seem to notice him. He hears someone on the phone question, 'a child did all of this?' and skyler remembers his plan. He cleans his weapons and washes himself. Just as he's finished the police arrive on the street and he can hear ninja lady regain consciousness and yell like the beast he wanted the world to see her as.

He has second thoughts about leaving his weapons to frame ninja lady before fleeing out the window... while he decides, he listens more to what has become of the ninja lady.

Skyler hears the ninja-lady snarling and groaning. He is satisfied that she will be transformed. He can also hear the sirens getting much closer. He needs to get out of here, FAST!

Not really knowing what to do or where to go, the familiarity of home seems to tug at his consciousness, so he goes home to his house and plops himself onto his bed while waiting for something to happen. He soon hears the commotion outside as the authorities arrive but he dare not look out the window in case someone should see him. Instead he just rests on his bed and tries to make sense of what all just happened this evening. Soon, he is not sure if he is dreaming or if it was indeed all real.

Quite some time passes and Skyler wakes up to the sound of someone ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door. He gets up to see what is going on. He feels awful, as if he had fallen down a set of stairs, but otherwise, he seems to be in good health. He looks at his hands. There is a middle finger missing, but it has healed over as if the finger were lost years ago. Skyler is totally confused. He goes to answer the door.

Skyler opens the door and there is a policeman standing in front of him. The sun is just about to rise and there is a slight hint of daylight, but it is still dark. Skyler is kind of frozen in place with one hand still holding the door while thoughts flash through his head. Should he run?

Before Skyler can do anything, the police officer asks Skyler, "Are you all right, son?"

Skyler stammers, "Uh, yea. I think so."

"Good! Mind if I look around? Some crazy stuff has been going on around here and we need to check every house to make sure everyone is safe." responded the officer.

"Stuff?" questioned Skyler. "What kind of stuff?"

The officer responded, "Well, for one, next door to you we found a lady and 2 babies that were acting real strange. Probably drugged or something. And up the street there was a house that completely burned down. The fire department said it seemed to have been a drug-house. We haven't determined if there is any relationship between the two yet. Plus, we're finding dead bodies all over the place." He then asks Skyler to turn on the lights so he can see. Skyler obliges and both are shocked to see blood everywhere. Then they see the bodies!

"What do you know about this?" asks the officer.

Skyler, still a demon, but a clever demon, begins sobbing. He walks up to the nearest uniformed cop. "Someone killed my Mommy, hu huh hu, my Daddy, wahwah wah, and my my my sissy." Skyler sobbed.

The cop kneeled down. "Oh no! You poor, poor child!" There's a sense that this cop will do whatever Skyler tells him in order to console the child.

The cops imminently cover Skyler's face to protect him from this slaughtered family. He sobs some more and is placed in the back of the cop car.

Skyler sees the ninja lady looking crazed in the back of another police car but not cuffed. An officer walks over with some coffee, as if to sober her up, he opens the door. She takes the cup and drinks it. For all the officers know she could be innocent as well, after all both skyler and ninja lady were found with bodies in their home and on the same street as the carnage. But if she was like him, how could she resist the hunger much longer and keep up this act? If she cracks, the blame is sure to be pinned on her.

Ending 1:

It's been several years since that fateful night and I've been in foster care the entire time. I miss my family and my middle finger... believe me, I've wanted to give 'the finger' to people a few times! I don't crave blood or killing any more; that subsided quite a lot after my first sleep and disappeared completely after a few more sleeps. I still don't know what happened to me and what made me change to the monster I became and I can't talk to anyone about it or they will know it was me that killed all those people. I have no idea what happened to the ninja-lady or her babies. They don't tell me anything; I'm just another orphaned child in their system. I hope she and the babies are OK now.

One day, when I'm dead and someone reads my diary, they will know the truth. In the meantime I need to keep living with this terrible secret. Who knows, perhaps it will drive me insane before I die?

If there is anything to be learned from this story, it's to read the label on bottles before taking medication and know exactly what it's for and it's possible side effects. Of course, no one could predict if the spider venom had anything to do with it. I keep thinking it must have, but I'll never know for sure. Too many thoughts keep playing out in my head and I don't spend much time with society because of it. Nobody can possibly understand me and I'm a social outcast. Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth continuing to live.

Too many thoughts... too many thoughts...

Alternate ending:

Skyler attempts to fool a police officer by telling him, "Officer... there are men up the street. Terrible men in the northernmost part of town. Last house on the right... I think... I think they have a baby in there and... they might be the ones who did this. They might be going to kill that baby any second now."

The cops hear the tremor in skyler demons voice and take it to be the deep, dark truth that only children can speak. Children understand more than they can express.

The cops, as a whole group surround the house, then, without announcing themselves, lest the baby get used as a hostage, break down the doors of the house.

Skyler hears shooting.

A smile crosses his face. That should do it. All the adults are dead except a demon. Just one more baby to turn, and soon they will cross the nation, leaving behind innocent looking faces hiding a demon horde.

He looks over at ninja lady. She's already staring at him, an inhuman grin on her face.

Yes, she will do quite nicely for a new mommy.


Two very different endings in totally opposite directions. Which did you like better?

All images are CC0 taken from Pixabay and modified.


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