Creation: God's greatest miracle

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God’s greatest and most fundamental miracle is CREATION.
Thousands of years thence, His SON is around and has the burden of a hungry nation upon His shoulders.
“Where’s all the bread my Father provided?” He asked His disciples.
“Only five barely loaves and two fish are left oo!” they replied.
That answer was either a blatant lie by the respondent, or was the innocent answer of one who didn’t understand that God had already seen to these kinds of circumstances ab initio.
Jesus goes ahead to display the mind of God: that everyone should have enough for their need, not their greed. And though there may be a bakery in heaven from where He could have ordered a truckload of bread, it is possible He keyed into the eternal Father’s program, and revealed to us what abundance we already live in if we care to share.
Since God exists outside time, He might have wrought the miracle of planting and reaping for that particular moment when one is hungry and in need of food. So that, food for the hungry, (even though we know food has been existing for long), remains an ageless miracle worth cheering. As in the case of the five thousand.
Imagine an architect designing a public building. He has no handicapped relative, but includes special features that make the building usable for handicaps too. It is not for the day it is designed, but for the very day an old woman on crutches, or kid in a wheel chair is in the building. Those who put up the building, in a way, have shared their bread.
God is consistent.
Therefore, my journey in this world, amongst other things, is to find out just how He tailored creation from when He did to suit me today. I think this world was tailor-made for everyone, and we only need to find our divine rhythm, and flow with it.
An architect becomes a minute man with a particle of God’s mind. He designs his building, planning for everyone. I think God designed His universe the same way.

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Hello dear, its been a while. I have a kinda missed....

Imagine an architect designing ...

Wow, this is awesome i must say @evelyniroh. Your thumbnail image remains me of the experience i had two days ago. At around 3-5 im the evening the sky took similar awesome view and i was for few minutes lost in wonder of how great God is. Not to talk of the full moon last night. God is indeed the greatest and deserves our worship and praise. The works of his hands are splendid and none can compair.



"Imagine an architect designing a public building. He has no handicapped relative, but includes special features that make the building usable for handicaps too". Thats a wonderful quot to always remember. Because of his love in creativity he makes things easier and adaptable to us all. @evelyniroh, you are a role to follow in your art.