The Trees Die Standing, by Alejandro Casona. A small summary for all of you ...

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Today I bring you a short summary of the book "The Trees Die Standing" a work made perfectly for the theater and that I liked a lot.

This book begins in a company where it is not clear what they really do when they start reading it, since there is a secretary, a typist and a couple of men in disguise, something that has nothing to do with each other.


Then a young woman named Marta and Mr. Balboa were involved and they were summoned to the place without a clear explanation, with the hope that this appointment somehow helps them to solve their situation. But even surprised and without understanding where they are, since they see people in disguise who change quickly and talking nonsensical things, they start to get scared and wonder where they have gotten, because they are in a mixture of office and props? It is not a theater, nor a filming room. The young woman decides to leave before it is too late, because she fears having fallen into a trap, with the mafia or a crazy place.

Just before leaving, the director appears, a millionaire who tries to fix and help people's lives, and gives Marta an explanation, without first asking him why he wanted to end his life before starting it, after giving him a convincing answer, he decides to explain to him that the organization is going ... A public charity for the soul. Although it is good work, helping all these people can do illegal things, for example kidnapping children so that their parents would worry more about it, something that did not work because the first days the parents worried, but then they continued with their things as if nothing had happened. But the young woman decides to join the organization to help others as they helped her the night before that meeting.

When Mr. Balboa meets the director, he tells him why he needs help from the organization. Well, his wife and he had a grandson, whom he kicked out of his house many years ago for going through bad things and tormenting the life of his grandmother, his wife. To fix the damage that Mr. Balboa had done, he began to write letters to his wife, pretending to be his grandson and lying to him in many things. But the real grandson one day sends a letter telling him to return home, however the ship in which he was shipwrecked, and he does not want to damage the illusion of his wife by telling him that the grandson will not come, so he asks the director for help and he decides to pass himself off as the grandson to make the old man's wife happy for a few days.


Everything is going very well in Mr. Balboa's house while the director pretends to be his grandson and Marta pretends to be his wife, although it is difficult for her because she had never acted in her life, besides pretending to be very in love, but little by little in those days both are feeling things for each other. However, a few days before finishing the job, the real grandchild who survived the shipwreck appears and wants to damage the whole situation because he realizes that they are supplanting him ... The grandmother realizes what happened and goes on making them believe her false grandson and his false wife that he knows nothing and is absolutely happy.


From the moment the grandmother knew that everything was a sham for her happiness, she decided to stand firm like a tree and not collapse.

As they say, a tree can die little by little inside, but on the outside it can continue leafy and standing.

It is a charming work, that teaches you values and never give up, teaches you how to be like trees, can pass storms, bring lots of sun and still stand!


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