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XVI. I am

I am the landscape that goes through itself. The tree consists of the same earth, which is born by the sun and the galaxy. I or what we call "I" consists of the same substance. This substance has a structure-whether it be the DNA, which has the same origin as the transmitting substance of life, or whether it is the vibration of the universe that vibrates in everything and through everything. I am the landscape that passes through itself. I drive through myself when I sit on the train from Munich to Vienna. My eyes follow the landscape and recognize their existence in thought and feeling. I eat the apples from this landscape, the grain, and drink the water from it. I am this landscape. And this landscape recognizes its essence and its existence through itself (ie as a subject "I"). This is the recognition of the knowledge and this never ceases.

A (google:)translation of chapter 16 of my book "Selfhealing" which is not published yet and will never be and it is written in German.

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