[Trick] The Ladder - The writer's block-breaker

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Overcome writer's block by using the ladder trick and break the wall that stands between your creativity and yourself! Writers can finally get results by organizing complex and disorganized ideas.

By Boostcontent Smith-original & Djenny Floro

Ever sat in front of the computer screen after hours of writing, only to find that the ideas have stopped flowing? Coming up with new information can be difficult when a deadline is looming. Writer's block can be incredibly stressful when there is a deadline looming.

The ladder trick starts by drawing two rungs of a ladder. The creator writes his intended ideas on these rungs. At first, before each rung, he can write words, sentences or even paragraphs. Rungs are then added between these two rungs to connect the steps to the final solution.

This trick has multiple uses and can be used to connect the parts of speech or solve a complex problem, such as a mathematical one. The ideas do not have to be added in order or be directly connected to the previous and next one as rungs can be placed at will until everything connects.

If you have written words, once you see what's before and what's after, you can then transform those words into sentences, and those sentences will then lead you to find if rungs are still missing of if everything connects with each other.

Once it does, you can easily turn those sentences into paragraphs, and turn those paragraphs into scenes. Even at that level, you can add rungs that could be more scenes to put between those you have for a smoother connection between the different sections of your writings.

You can use this trick to connect anything from your plot's points, to connecting ideas for a speech, or organizing a presentation at a business meeting. The fact that it's a very simple visual help you visualize your story without the need of arts that many people don't have when they begin.

For those who are stuck on a fiction writer, or on how to call something, there are a variety of online and offline generators to assist writers that you will find in our resource section. With the use the ladder trick and a few different generators to finish your task on time and with innovative ideas.

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