Article - Why do we see the northern lights in the sky as we do?

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The northern light is a special phenomenon. We can see it different places in the northern part of Norway, and there is in addition a newspaper in the north with its name in Norwegian, and that is «Nordlys».

The northern light is due to electric charged particles from the sun. The scientific name is Aurora Borealis. This light arises when particles from the sun hit the atmosphere on the earth. The colors you see have to do with the energy levels in the particles. The colors are typically green, red and blue, and you can also find them in ultraviolet to infrared! We get all these colors when electrons and protons collide with the atmosphere gas! The composition of the atmosphere gas determines the color type! Gas and energy are sent out again in shape of light. The earth is surrounded by the magnetosphere! Hence, the sun and the collisions in the atmosphere form the northern lights.

The is much history, and there are many researchers being examined what is going on with the different colors in the sky! There are causes and effects in many phenomena. Hence, there are reasons behind what we experience and behind what we see! There are conditions and processes behind what is happening on earth and in the atmosphere. The northern lights are due to the fact that the sun gives radiation and outflow of electrical particles. The sun sometimes winds out huge gas clouds of varying forces, and sometimes it is storming!

Powerful activities on the sun lead to powerful northern lights! We find the northern lights in the northern parts of the world, around the polar regions. And in the southern parts of the world, we find southern lights. The southern lights are polar lights in the southern hemisphere, and it is the same phenomenon as the northern lights!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

Photo from PIXNIO

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