My brain is in a fog

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Photo by Galyna Andrushko

This will be a different post than my norm


Have you ever had some pretty cool ideas in your head for stuff, but when you sit down to extract those ideas out of your brain and make your fingers put them into words or images, your brain just sits there like a lump of turds?

Well my brain has been doing that all week.

For those or you that are new to me and aren't familiar with my background, I have been through what some might say are some pretty traumatic experiences. This has left me with some mental scars that effect my day to day life, from memory issues, flashbacks, persistent migraines, to trying to just trying to find the will to exist in the world.

From an outsider looking in, I am sure everything appears fine and dandy, but it sucks to be locked inside your own mental prison. I was given a new medication some time last week, and I am pretty sure that is what has been causing this brain fog lately.

I don't sleep much as it is, and now this medication makes me feel even more tired. It doesn't help that my dogs are an early morning schedule and like to get up at around 430 to go to the bathroom and then at 630 to stay up. I tried to let them just run around in the living room while I was sleeping on the couch this morning but Harley, our lab, is always looking for food, so he was trying to get into everything.

While I was in the middle of writing, I thought about the first part of this post where I asked "have you ever...." and it reminded me of probably the best comedy show I have ever seen. It is called I Think You Should Leave and it is on Netflix. It reminded me of this skit here:

Ya, it is pretty dope, huh?

You didn't even watch it? Well that sucks...

I've been farting around with the Deep Dream Generator today trying to come up with some different pictures to use for a contest post, but I end up just deleting everything that I come up with. I guess it is one of those things that most creatives go through where we don't like our work and don't want people to see it, so we hide it away. As I am writing this, I am even debating on whether or not I am going to hit the submit button at the end. I probably will though because I haven't written a real post in a long time.

I've got another dream going right now, so I've got my toes crossed that it comes out. I can't cross my fingers because I am typing and I will end up just writing a bunch of gibberish if I tried typing with my fingers crossed.


Well, it actually turned out pretty cool. This photo was one of the zombie pictures I did for a friend that runs his own special effects company. It was a pretty cool shoot.

I guess I can end this post now since it has gone in some weird directions. I really didn't know where it was going to go when I sat down to start writing because I figured if I had a plan when I started, I would just get frustrated when my brain went all retarded and then I would have just given up, so for those that have stuck with this post, thanks for sticking it out and hopefully it made a bit of sense.

You are awesome!


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Omg, I just had a dream with zombies and then first thing in the morning I see that picture of yours here! Though they were sneaky zombies, because when having the infection, for a while they looked exactly like humans, but they would make just a teeny tiny bite to spread the infection when hugging or something - and the infected wouldn't even realize their own act being any different. Hrrr... so much paranoia.

Sucks to have brain fog. I try to sleep enough and that way I can usually avoid it.

Wish you all the best fighting your mental issues.

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That would be a terrifying type of zombie!


Now that would make a pretty cool movie.

I often have zombie dreams, they are kinda fun. I do like zombies, so that helps x

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Lovin' that fog pic. Super moody – quite like Portland weather ATM.

Brain fog sucks; I deal with that, too – for various reasons. I hope the new medication levels out. It always takes a minute for your system to adjust to new chemistry.

Keep playin' with that deep dream. I'm quite enjoying the results. ;)


That sucks with the brain-fog. I've been on medication in the past that caused this symptom. Hope you get over it soon!

I am sure it wont last.

I am experiencing this feeling without having your background and so far i considered it as sth normal. The first step of the creative process, from imagination to reality, is always the hardest. You think, you plan it in your mind but when you start to create you get stuck. if you pass this step the flow starts and every piece finds its place. I hope everything get better soon. The zombie artwork looks really cool and the deep dream generator is a very interesting tool.

Thanks man. I have been having a lot of fun creating with it and reviving some of my older work.

From the fog comes creativity...


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That's awesome!
Even I was scared looking at your work, dear @derangedvisions :- )

And let your dream come true!

I would probably end up with brain fog if I ever tried to do something creative, really I’m just a one trick pony my work with coffee just leads to whatever I post one way or the other.

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Sometime it gives us some relief to just write our thoughts like this, it's cool that you finally hit the button 😉
and the zombie picture turned out really awesome 😃 ❤️

Sounds like you have been up against it. Wishing you clarity... and energy. Xx Harder when creatures like dogs rely on us being awake!

Beautiful fog photo, something I can never capture well.

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It made total sense, I have always found clarity after writing it is a great way to make sense of things as they all become clearer once you get those thoughts out of your head. I know you have been through a lot this year and you still need to go easy on yourself.
New meds can indeed leave you feeling foggy especially until your body adjusts to them, but if t doesn't improve in a week you should go see your doctor, as we are all different some meds work better than others xx