"Notes of a Young Psychotherapist" Part 4

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Chapter 1. Psychological excerpt. The case of Vasya and Kolya.

"Let's go back a bit, to the words "every person decides that for him the problem, and what is simple - life". I hope, with me no one will argue that all people are individual and there are no two identical Vasya and two identical Light. Each person is unique, uniquely beautiful and has many differences from other people.

Namely, because of its characteristics (life experience, temperament, character, pofigizma, intelligence, etc., it is possible to enumerate to infinity, up to differences in the characteristics of all the ancestors of this person.), each person reacts in his own way to those or other moments of life. And when one person has a huge (in his opinion) psychological problem, another (practically without problems) copes with an identical or very similar (perhaps even more severe) life moment.

It's time to tell you about two absolutely opposite cases, say, Vasya and Koli. These and all subsequent names in the book are fictitious, in order to avoid violation of medical secrecy and non-disclosure of any confidential data. If your situation is something like a hero's situation, it does not mean that the book is written about you, it simply speaks about the similarity of your situation to the situation of the hero. I am sure that there are many stories on the Earth similar to the stories of Vasya and Koli. All stories are provided without the slightest desire to offend anyone, it's just an example of how people react in different ways to practically the same moments of life.

Perhaps, in our life there are no more difficult moments than the death of a loved one. To such a situation it is not possible to prepare and it will be very difficult to reconcile with it. Death can cause various psychological problems in any person (we do not forget that by "psychological problems" I mean problems that require psychological, psychotherapeutic and / or psychiatric help). It was death that caused Vasya a serious psychological condition, which manifested itself almost completely alienated from communication, apathy and a marked decline in mood. From the side it seemed that Vasya was not in this world, not here and not now. Vasya was completely immersed in his own excitements and practically did not tell anyone about them. As typical for the real "man", in the country of the post-Soviet space, Vasya did not apply for any help. Vasya lost one of his closest people - his mother, a man with whom Vasya had a very strong emotional connection. Despite the fact that her mother was already far from young (she was just over 70), and Vasya was 40 years old, sudden death (death in a dream) did not allow Vasya to prepare for her death. At the time I write this text, it took a little more than a year since her death, despite this, Vasya continues to live memories. The only joyful moment in this story is that Vasya remains socially adapted to people, hiding behind a mask, copes with his work. A very important moment in the history of Vasya was played by relatives who in every possible way tried to provide him with psychological help. They had to learn a lot, because, without their help, things could end much worse. But, now, I'm sure, the psychological help that Vasya receives from his relatives will certainly help resolve his "psychological" problems. But, because Vasya is a "man" and did not tell anyone, he did not ask for help from specialists, the decision of his psychological problem has already lasted more than a year, and it remains only to guess how much time he will need for this.

The case from Kolya's life is considered by many people to be more difficult, psychologically. Frankly, I think so. After all, if something is worse than the death of the parents, it is the death of the children. However difficult it may be, at the death of parents one can console themselves with the thought that they have lived a long and happy life. Kolya could not comfort himself with this thought, because during the disaster he lost his young wife, who was recently turned 25 years old, and a child who had just started to attend kindergarten.

I think with me no one will argue that the given case of life can deprive any person of mental health. Kolya is also a man and he reacted to this situation, but this reaction lasted for 2-3 weeks. This reaction fits perfectly into the description of the "acute reaction to stress."

But, thanks to his personality, Kolya practically solved his "psychological" problem, despite the fact that after the death of his relatives 40 days had not passed. Of course, any memory of the tragedy causes Kolya heartache, but he perfectly learned to switch to something else. The most surprising thing is that Kolya practically independently, somewhere at the level of intuition, has learned to find a solution to this psychological problem. And let, at the moment, in many ways, this is only a temporary solution to his problem, I am sure that eventually he will find a permanent solution.

More details about the case of Kolya we will talk a little later. After all, this is a very rare case when a person, practically, independently finds a solution to such a difficult life situation.

How would you not have been difficult in your life situation, try to stop and look at it from some other side. You are sure to find a way out with any psychological problems! Only you decide - "what is for you those life circumstances that have developed?" And let me forgive all people named Vasya, DO NOT BE VASYA !!!"

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