Binary Messages Sent By Aliens? What Does It Mean?

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June 29, 2015, Georgia, USA. The images above were captured the same night a strange binary code was allegedly received telepathically by an individual in the vicinity of the UFO. What did the message say and are there other instances to support this insane claim? Let's look over the codes. The first of which seems to send a similar message to a crop circle!


An extremely eerie warning in both instances. ET's bearing gifts coming from Orion (which is 1350 light years away) and the Z Reticuli which is 39.17 light years away from Earth. What is in these systems? Z Reticuli I can't say for sure, but we know the Anunnaki come from Orion, we also know in the EOC that Satan, the Adversary, is or was a very influential person to the council, as his idea for us was accepted by them. It goes without saying that many of his followers, being Reptillians, might also be coming from Orion. Or maybe a rogue group of Greys who are known for breaking promises, for example, a treaty made in secret with the US military in 1954. Let's look at another part of this code.


49.27 n 11.5 e
These are clearly coordinates, but where does it bring us?


Town Center Nuremberg Germany is where they take us which seems to have a strange history of UFO activity as represented above. In 1561 AD, the local citizens saw a spectacular “battle” between two different sets of UFOs. The visual details of that “battle” were recorded for history by a famous woodcut in 1566. The following and last piece is said to have been a telepathic message which was sent to a different person at Bagshot Heath in England, 1985.


So we seem to be under protection, but by who? With so many different alien species allegedly having their hand in the cookie jar, which ones are good and which ones are bad? Were people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steven Hawkings right when they said SETI should be careful where we're sending our signals? What are we up against and what waits in that cold vast sea above? You don't want to know. What are your thoughts on this? Leave your comments below.

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This is pretty interesting...Isn't Z Reticuli where the not so nice Greys are from? I suppose if I get visited ever I might not want to accept any gifts?

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