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Hey My Dear Steemian Friends,

Do you have a mental block sometimes when deciding what to write about? Do you come up with excuses like: my brain’s too foggy, the kids stressed me out, I don’t feel good, or I’m too tired. My to-do list is calling. I only have a few minutes. The house is a mess. I need coffee. I’ve had way too much coffee. It’s better for me to write in the morning. I have no good ideas. I’m not good at writing. It’s too loud in my house. The kids will be up soon, anyways. I don’t know what to write.

Do any of these sound familiar? Am I reading your mind? Are these types of thoughts keeping you from writing?

Perfect conditions

I could list 100 or more of these thoughts. But there never are perfect conditions. So, you may say; I'm just not in the mood right now. True. But it's important to put pen to paper and you may get in the mood, if you love writing in the first place.

Most of the time, I feel like I am just waiting for the perfect conditions for writing. And as you would expect, those magical conditions never happen.

It’s like I am putting off getting what I need to get done until the sun and the moon and the stars align just so perfectly.

Then, and only then, I believe I will be able to sit and write with no worries and the words will just flow effortlessly out of my brain and into my fingers as they tap delightfully on my keyboard. And nothing will distract me from my incredible focus because my brain is fresh and clear and I’ve had just the right amount of caffeine to keep me going until every last thought has been captured in the most eloquent way possible.

The truth is, the conditions will never be perfect.

I mean, they might have been if I had chosen to be single. And if I had been independently wealthy. And maybe if I lived in some beautiful remote location, with not a care in the world and even a personal chef to boot!

But I’m not and I don’t. Sigh.

So, now I’ve come face to face with reality. All my “perfect condition” requirements are just fantasies that are preventing me from getting into the nitty gritty of writing. The hard aspects of writing. The sitting down and actually doing it, without the reasons and excuses that I allow to hold me back.

The hard part

Writing is an exercise that must be strengthened with practice. Write in little spurts. Write a paragraph or two while you're waiting on something to happen. Just do it! Just write something.

Is it frustrating to be interrupted just when you’ve gotten to a really good stage of the writing process? Yes. But, if you don’t work at it, you will continue to get the same results. Day after day of blank pages.

How can you get past the excuses and learn to write no matter the weather? Try these three tips.

Recognize the BS thinking

Learn to catch the habitual thoughts in action and recognize them for the excuses that they are. Just doing this removes their power.

Stop taking your own temperature

Letting your mood dictate whether it is a good time to write is a quick way to end up not writing. It’s time to stop being so concerned with whether you feel “right” enough to write.

Instead, put pen to the paper, no matter what you are thinking or feeling.

Treat writing like the job that it is

Writing is hard work, especially when you don’t have a formal job structure to keep you on target. Setting strict deadlines and blocking out dedicated times to write can really help get you past the excuses.

And with that, you can get back on track. A writing schedule keeps me committed regardless of how I am thinking or feeling about the task at hand. My silver spoon fantasies still linger but I know what happens when I heed them. Nothing. Nothing at all. So, just cultivate the habit of writing something on paper. Get organized and find your inspiration. Soon, you will depend on your moments to write your prose anytime, anyplace with whom ever.

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