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Have you ever called yourself a sinner when you sin? Well, this piece could be an assurance for you. Who then is a sinner as defined by the bible?
Have you ever thought of it that a dog does not bark and then that's when it is known as or becomes a dog? Actually, a dog barks because it is a dog. So also people don't sin and become sinners, they sin because they are sinners by nature.
But in the case of a believer, view it like this: "Will you call a human a dog because he/she may bark" ? You may call he/she a dog but the fact still remains he is still a human"
Lastly, think of a dog(righteous by faith) that grew up among goats (Sinners by nature) and becomes fearful like a goat and starts behaving like a goat. I tell you, the moment the dog gets to know about his nature, the dog will see automatically see itself higher than goats. But one thing you should notice is that the fact the dog behaves and lives among goats does not change the nature of the dog to being a goat.
So also with Christians, once you become a new creation, the Christ nature is retained in you.
Let's read Romans 5:19
"For by one ONE MAN'S OFFENCE many were made SINNERS, so also by one man's OBEDIENCE(Jesus) many will be made RIGHTEOUS"

Paul clearly states here that Sinners are so because of Adam's sin, not because they sinned. So also those who are righteous are not righteous because they are sinless, but they are made righteous because of Jesus' Obedience not their obedience(I guess you now know why righteousness is a gift and of faith in the new testament and not by works/effort).

Let's take this last example:
I guess you believe that an Unbeliever(someone still under the adamic nature of sin) can not become righteous by doing "MILLIONS OF GOOD WORKS" except he accepts What Christ did. This shows Adam's OFFENCE is so powerful that an unbeliever can never be righteous no matter d good works he does.
But come to think of it, why is it very easy to believe then that a Believer can go back to being a Sinner because of just ONE SIN? It's more like saying Adam's offence is more powerful than Jesus' Obedience. Think about it.

Bible confirms: "As he is, so are we in this world. So if he is 100% righteous, we are also, for we share the same life"
NEXT: Since Believers are Not Sinners, What does the bible mean by "Wages of Sin is Death" Resteem and help someone know his identity in Christ


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