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RE: Snippets from the past - ESSAY ON REALITY | Aspects of consciousness

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I'm glad to hear someone who share the perception of reality same as I. For ages I though its just my way of thinking to believe we are all subjected to our small realities being create in our minds interacting and merging with all other beings on the planet. As I could change my reality and way to project myself to the world and get the world projecting back to me I believe other people can do the same. Also I always believed if this realization would come to all people just for maybe a second whole reality would change and the World would become something very different. I know I'm a bit dreaming here, but can't help to feel this. Thank you for the article. Really glad I have read it. Looking for more posts.


Hey @bluudz - glad to find readers who share the same agenda 🦋

My intro text of my unpublished book "Selfhealing" includes the same idea you wrote in your comment about a realization to all people and how this would change reality and makes the world different:

Feel free to ↪️ resteem my blog posts 🦄

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