A Dragon Comes To Life - First Hint About Novel - And Second Update!

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I'm really excited that the dragon from my book cover is taking life and looks so majestic. The dragon is gorgeous. My cover artist sent me some photos of her painting. First an very half finished painting with my characters and part of the dragon. After some adjustments, she sent another. Just a couple small adjustments and it'll be complete.

Do you know what that means? It means that soon, very soon, I'll be sharing that cover art painting with you (sorry, not today, just ABOUT it). I'll also be sharing the sysnopsis with a whole title reveal.

But I can share with you this. The Series initials are SD. And there are five characters for five points of a star. And obviously dragons :p And this will be Book I.

I completed my e-book formatting in Word. All I'm missing is my photo, for the About the Author page. I still need to meet with the photographer my investor (mom) found for me. Then from that e-book format, I can copy it and then just change the ISBN inside. I need two, you see, one for EPUB and one for KOBI.

This week, my focus shifts to Scribus to format the Print Book version of the novel. I found good video tutorials, so now that I got all MY videos out of the way, I can focus on that.

I uploaded a ton of videos and scheduled them, up until June, for my gaming channel. I don't have to worry about Green Healing until mid-May, so that's good. Plus, yesterday, I went and fixed a link in the description of ALL my videos. I have 400 on my channel. I have less on the other channel, but I'll save those for later. Scribus awaits me and SD requires my attention. If I want to novel to be published this year, I've got to step to it.

Anyway, in my previous update I had barely started the e-book formatting with the Appendices. Making a clickable Table of Contents and formatting was so much quicker the second time around, and the novel has a couple hundred pages more than the Appendices hehehe

Hope you're all looking forward to the big reveal. I'm really excited and can't wait to show you all that wondrous painting!

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your writing skill is very high level .
its good work no doubt.

its you Second Update, i wanna next nobel from you. thank you @binkyprod

Thank you. I have worked a long time to improve my English proficiency. Reading comprehension is a different story, but written is the highest, with grammar the best, and spoken is high-mid range. I probably should use a dictionary more often, but I consult my grammar book regularly, if not just to double check some grammar rules I'm not sure of. Grammar Girl has excellent books, if ever you were interested in brushing up on some skills.

I appreciate the vote of confidence is my novel. I don'T know if it will win any awards, but I sure would love it to ;)

Very meaningful story!

Thanks :)