Book Review #2 -- The Lies of Locke Lamora

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Scott Lynch is easily one of my favorite authors of all time. I grew up, like many fantasy readers, enjoying the works of Tolkien, Alexander, Lewis, McCaffrey, and Le Guin.

I love their work, but I have come to appreciate some newer authors even more. Scott Lynch is one of those authors.

Before we get to the book review, I will tell you a bit about him. He is married to Elizabeth Bear--by the way, she is another fantastic author--, he lives in Massachusetts, and he is a volunteer firefighter.

Now to the book.

This is one of my favorite books of all time. It starts out with a bang and grows from there. In the opening scene, we encounter two men talking about a young orphan. The orphan in question is Locke Lamora.

This tale is so beautifully rendered, I can actually picture each scene in my mind. From the waterways of the riotous city of Camorr to the brutal alleys where gangs fight, bleed, and sometimes die to protect their turf, the story grows into one of the best crime capers of all time. The family Locke Lamora is sold into is one of sophistication and more about the art of the heist rather than the brute approach to getting what you want. The family is known as The Gentlemen Bastards.

The name fits perfectly.

If you enjoy movies such as Ocean's Eleven, The Italian Job, or even The Sting, I think you will really enjoy this book.

The characters are believable, engaging, and act as you or I might if we were put into the same situations. The pace is fantastic. The story is incredible.

Do yourself a favor--get this book and read it. It rates a full 10 out of 10 for me. I only have five books in my life that rate a full 10 and this is one of them.


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**The picture of Scott Lynch comes from Wikipedia and I altered it slightly. Credit for that photo goes to Gage Skidmore and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

**The image of the book is taken from Amazon Associates and includes a link that might provide a revenue stream to me if you happen to click on it and then purchase something from Amazon. So, go ahead--click on it and order the book. Well, what are you waiting for?

Resteems much appreciated.

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I can see where you got your skills from now.


You are very kind. Thanks


Am not a reading type but I will get the book
So long you are the one that recommended

But which platform can I get it


I get all my books from Amazon. They seem to have the best prices. I prefer paper books instead of electronic versions for a Kindle or Nook but if you prefer e books, you could get it for a Kindle from Amazon for a decent price as well.


As a self publisher on the Kindle (and others) platform, I also would point out that with ebooks, you do not own them. You are renting the license like with Windows operating system. I too love a real book over an ebook. Growing up, my dad had a large library that I perused from a young age. Even the smell of the aged paper brings excitement to me.

Thanks for sharing your review of the book with us. It does sound compelling, similar to the Bio of a Space Tyrant series by Piers Anthony as far as the beginnings being harsh and then changing to a more sophisticated model of harsh.


I have not read that book by Piers Anthony but have read a few of his and will now go and find this one. Thanks for the referral.

You are exactly right about the ownership of the book versus the ebook. I prefer paper over electronic when it comes to my reading. There is something visceral for me in holding the book, touching the pages, and the smell of the book. Thanks for your comment.



I will

Good well written novel, very pleasant to read, endearing characters.

Although it is a medieval fantasy world, the fantasy side is very limited (no dwarves, elves or others, few monsters, very little magic). With hindsight, the story is more like a good crime scenario, in a fantasized Venice. Very nice, the beginning is quiet but from half the pace is accelerating, the suspense becomes terrible and we do not let go of the book.


Exactly--it is a medieval fantasy world without the extreme fantasy. Loved the book, sounds like you did as well.

I love Scott's books, and even feel he got better throughout the series.
I've actually done two re-reads and he really is an author you can come back to.

Now, I wouldn't give him 10/10 but it's a close 9

Glad to see people on Steemit reading ;)

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Awesome Story @bigpanda

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Very good post i like your story. Thanks for sharing my friend

"The Gentlemen Bastards", I don´t know why but as soon as I read those words I automatically thought about Vito Corleone, The Godfather. Loyalty, business, and family is something I learn from Mario Puzo's book. The Family Lock Lamore seems of another kind, though... I would love to get my hands on this book you recommend. Thanks for introducing this author to us!

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You rate it 10 out of 10. That's all I need to know.

Getting it right now

Thats sounds like a good story. Im thinking to purchase a kindle as I always end up purchasing the books. Ive got so many its filling up the house.

One of the few books that I re-read multiple times. Too bad that the next one is the series is taking so long.
Everything in Lies of Locke Lamore just works. Not a single scene fell flat for me. Another great thing about it is that despite the fact that it is a part of a series, it is still a completely self contained story.
Thanks for the review. What can be better than reading an article and agreeing with every single word? Haha

His books are incredible. He has an unusually different approach to fantasy than any other writer I have read, and has a great literary style. Excellent book, and every sitting book is even better :)