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This is a writing from my old book, I don't share them often but today I want to. This was a reminder for me, which told me that our days are not all black, there is more to it than just that. Everyone has their bumpy days when burden seems more than ever. If anyone of you guys are going through that now, just know that its a phase and it too shall pass.


Just because life is trying to pin you down doesn't mean that you have to let it. Stand up and fight, If you believe that it's getting harder do not walk away, swim through those tides and I promise you it will be worth all the difficulty. Know that everyone has those phases for some it's longer and it's hard to get out of, If you see someone going through that, help them, help them without any hesitation. If someone comes asking you for any help don't say no. Try as much as you can to help, it will mean a world to them.



Eventually everything will fall into place.
The sun will shine brighter once again,
The moon will smile in all its glory.
Until then ,
I shall gaze upon the stars,
Hold on to my dreams.
Laugh at this confusion and live my dream.


I am not the kinda person who wants to just write about one thing and make my blog look all good and stuff, I wanna share a lot more than just that. I wanna talk about life, I wanna talk about history, I wanna share my research, I wanna write about my dreams and goals. I wanna talk about space, I wanna talk about the origins of the universe and life itself , I wanna talk about science, I wanna talk to you guys about things that runs inside my head no matter how insane it sounds. I lived in the fear of someone hating me or not liking me for the things I write or for the things I say out loud. But now, when I see what matters the most which is my vision for this world, I know that my intentions are pure and none of their opinions matter. People criticize you, put your goals down, laugh at your vision and say its something impossible. Screw them! Just because they think it's impossible it doesn't mean that it actually is right? An opinion and the actual fact are 2 different things. Think about it.


In Fact if you look at all the greatest discoveries made they were always considered to be impossible until they were proven otherwise. My point is that, I am not saying that the ones who criticize other people are stupid, I am just saying that he/she has just not put enough effort and thought into it. If you believe in yourself truly with all your mind,heart and soul go find those answers and prove them wrong. Don't waste your time on criticism coz ultimately its only your opinion that matters!



A man who believes, is a step closer than a man who does not.


Today I believe in myself and I believe in my vision so nothing will stop me from doing what I want. Thanks a lot for reading , Have a good day!

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good, such post do have impact for atleast few days. Keep posting such things time and time again and keep every one motivated


Thanks for being honest :)

Awesome whenever i will find myself in a vulnerable situation or disheartened i will remember this post of yours. :)


Just hold on tight and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

very nice keep it up ans share your thoughts


thank you :)

Beautiful read. I also believe that trusting yourself and chasing dreams can make them. I still can't get people who criticize others, instead of focusing on their own business. Those will never grow.


I have come to a point where I have considered opinions as obstacles hahaha

Indeed, that's a soul uplifting one. Your pen run through the arteries and get the words pumped all through the body by the heart.

I love this. 😍


I am so glad you felt this way, I wanna inspire people and improve myself in the process :)


I'm glad too man

ชอบบทความของคุณมากเลย คะ โหวตให้แล้วนะ


ขอบคุณมากที่รัก :)

Wow. I really needed this. A very important thing I learned in the last couple years is that all emotions are transitory. It’s both kind and cruel because both joy and pain shall pass. It’s a never ending cycle.


What ever you are going though man, just know that it too has an end just like anything else so see that right away and be happy about it coz its a phase

"pain is inevitable suffering is not"

I'm glad you've shared this, I want more...


Then I shall write more :)

Thank you for this beautiful reminder. :)


You are welcome! Have a great day :)

Very Nice Read. Whenever i ll feel low, i will watch ur post..My post is someway related to u. Just have a look.


Don't feel low my friend, It's just your thoughts, trust me man. Don't let that stop you ever! Ill shall read it soon :)