in writing •  last year  (edited)


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I'm gonna write you a prescription for margaritas. Come back and see me if you need a refill.

Your sweet face framed by that gilded ornate frame.....

What a healthy glow you've achieved. Mr. Sun is kind to you also. ☺

For me, the best part here was the departure pun. Was this series liberating?

When she looked at the mirror inside me, saw her own image and dilated with inquiry. What composition holds such a reflection, such introspection, such as a lens out of view of detection. A tick of history flashed by glass back into a frame of wonder.


Inspiration from photo

Damn! That kinda purdy poetry gets you all the upvotes. I bet you get all the ladies ;)

Hope your having a good day M

Words. A pallet of vibration for the bristled to swirl upon. A rogue of rouge, a pirate of purple, a gatherer of grey, a caretaker of cocoa, lover of lilac, taster of tangerine, and black. Blush of this fondness painted on parts. Canvas of limitless for the brush of eternity, how might I paint your serenity.

Dam, even your comments are worth posting in your blog.
I really want to hear Vincent Price narrate your work.


powerful no doubt

You made it! What a great way to finish too - this feels like it could be a comment on the whole week's work, but also a conclusion, and a look towards the future. I love it when Steemit poets push the boundaries with experiments like this :)

Really happy you came in each day to take a peak at this here noggin. I hope I can keep coming up with brain farts for the world to waft, equally potent. XD

You owe to yourself to read this aloud, slowly, in the style of William Shatner.
By the time you scroll to the end that photo accentuates the whole thing.
Wonderfully constructed.


Upvote for the best comment ever! Thanks speck.

Beautiful photography & great writing

Thank you, cheers!


Your hair is like a halo of dark fire.

Great to see your face. I'm glad you're not angry.

Cool - thanks for stopping in Winston - Cheers


Do not worry. nice days are waiting for you:)))😃