Oh man, this is golden. Thank you. I've done exactly the same when I've written down mine. Sit up and grab a pen. Scribble it down. And yes, they've been equally a complete mess of words. I'm so glad after the fact that I took the time to do that, though. I found one wedged between books on my shelf one time and didn't even know what it was at first. I sat down to read it and was totally surprised that I'd both dreamed and written something like that. It was trippy. Weird thing is, and I'm not spiritual in this way, but some of the scenes have seemed oddly correlated to real life events thereafter. Not sure what it means, or that it means anything, but I sure am glad I wrote it down.


That's all I have, I started a dream journal once and that was it.

You'll have to tell me how you find mentions, cause I seriously didn't know there was even a way.

"Soppy" just happens to be the title of one of my favorite books. Fun fact: right after I got'd removed it from the box. I dropped it in the toilet. I like bathroom reading, don't judge me.

Go to If you look in the left sidebar there's a tab for mentions.

Oooooo useful site, thanks for that link! Nice

Uncle motor boating boobie embarrassment?

That's one mighty string of words right there... what does it meaaannn?

Not a clue. That's why the old dream journal idea got scrapped. Dreams are weird😁

Why'd you remove your scribbles? Did it say naughty words or something? Did it reveal your secret fetish for eating pancakes with too much syrup? I bet you were sleepdeleting again. I do that sometimes, or at least I want to, wake up and just go "nope, nope, nope, deeee-lete". Then I can go back to sleep in peace.

I don't need all my poorly spelled dreams all over the place lol.

Aw, yeah I get that. I'm a grammar Nazi to myself, but not to others. Not everybody writes perfectly, and sometimes the less technically skilled writers have the more interesting things to say, or even more talent at crafting stories. I think that's the whole point of groggy dream scribbles. They're straight out your weird head onto paper. It's bound to read kinda funny. Sometimes I think up stuff I just have to write down, right here and now. I'll get out of bed in the middle of the night just so I won't forget the words, and I don't think anyone but me could decipher it it's so messy.

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