Writing..it works!

in #writing2 years ago


Is it not, no it is, fascinating that THIS here is my power tool, this is my starting point of change. The words, MY words. MY output. MY change is here, it starts here and so much can come from here. Different points require different change. For example, I’ve noticed with some points that after/within and as writing and speaking aloud my self-forgiveness, self-realisation and self-commitment statements, I genuinely FEEL the change. To me it is like a sail boat in the ocean, one minute you’re going in one direction, then suddenly the wind changes with no warning, and BANG, you’re off on a different tangent, a totally different tangent. The difference here is I KNOW and am AWARE that self-forgiveness and the other statements actually work as I’ve tested them countless times.

Of course that’s something that each has to see for themselves, so I speak for my own experience here. Anyway..
That is how it feels to me. So the ‘warning’ part is not so much, but it is still a sudden change, like an awakening, a finding out something key, a REALISATION, yes, that’s the word I’m looking for lol. And there are other points where, actually, generally I do feel a change of some sort, but the magnitude of the change differs. That can be because I need to work on it in a moment, in a certain situation/scenario to expand and make that change come through as needed, and then also I can expand at later times on the same point where I figure out more, perhaps through these physical in moment and scenario situations, or I just generally expand and the realisations come through within me.

It’s cool either way. So here I’ve seen how there’s no necessarily…like, one particular way to do something, because points are so multi-faceted and each are unique.

That brings up another point for me and realisation in itself in how one cannot go into writing and the statements that follow EXPECTING change. It has to be more like, writing to see where you are at, writing about the points, releasing the points to assist yourself, but just see it as a point of assistance and support with no strings attached and thus no expectations attached, because any expectation will lead to disappointment otherwise. I prefer myself to just write. Literally, just write. Assist and support myself through writing, through seeing what is a part of me and what realisations and changes I can POSSIBLY bring through, but won’t NECESSARILY bring through, I must see for myself and see what comes up/out and then what I can do to further change if necessary. As I said..each and every point is a unique one and the change that follows and is needed therefore will ALWAYS vary.