I got an editor in the most remarkable way.

in writing •  18 days ago

I had just returned from a small personal group long distance walk of 280 kms on the Camino Portuguese and talking on the phone to one of my fellow walkers.

I vividly remember telling her that I had strong intuitive messages to write. Immediately she said, "I am a professional editor and I will edit your work. I can see a few books in you." If that is not synchronicity at its best were my thoughts was is?

Immediately I started to back out, feeling a little overwhelmed. Was I good enough to write with an editor reading each word? So I threw in why I would not be able to do it, I have spent my years writing assignments, clinical reports and parenting tips in school newsletters. *"I am not sure whether I have the skills."

Jan did not agree and so I started writing to show her whether I had what it took to become a writer. I passed!

I am always amazed at her magical editor skills, she moves chapters around, changes sentences and deletes. She makes my work look more than good.

Love and Blessings

Cheers - thank you for reading and for your support

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I had to laugh reading this. I have not used an editor (for the writing I did it wasn't a necessity). It wasn't till towards the end of my writing stint (which I do plan on returning to) that I allowed two different editors to examine some of my work and edit them for my future writing to be better. It is a fearful thing to expose oneself to the critique of those with better skills. I still have lots to work on (although I take comfort that I can weave a story as one of my review critics acknowledged) but am thankful I swallowed my fear and allowed others to help me grow.

I applaud your bravery, as this is a huge obstacle for those who would write but don't.


I in turn had to laugh are your post sized reply @practicalthought because I feel you read me well. I have felt very exposed to my editor. It was like I was at school and Uni again getting assignments back and that grading system. At first I was on a very steep learning curve. I has to work hard on swallowing my ego and pride. Jan is very good at her work, and also kind giving me positives so that propelled me along. One of her compliments that I really caught on fast so that was a plus. Although I still fee self-conscious I know that i need an editor called Jan.

howdy angiemitchell! oh man..I need her to go over my posts! lol. She sounds wonderful, the two of you make a great team I'm sure! I just noticed your powerhousecreatives tag, are you a member?


No janton, do I need to join the group? I know a silly question!


haha! of COURSE you need to join us! lol...it's a wonderful and supportive group. The founder and lady who runs it, Jaynie, is the very best there is and her program forces us to support each other. The requirements are pretty easy but you'll need to get on discord if you aren't already.

What you do is you visit two members of the group each day to comment and vote on one of their posts and ususally there is another specially picked post to vote on. Then you go and enter the username of who you voted on and put that on a section of the discord channel for the group. and that's all. Oh, and you have to display the steemitbloggers/powerhousecreatives icon at the bottom of your post like I do. They upvote all your posts and it's a good way to get more exposure because we are forced to vote for each other each day so you'll meet new people. I think they just started charging a one steem fee. lol. But it's worth far more than that of course.

Here is the link where Jaynie explains everything and tells you how to apply:

let me know what you think.

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Congratulations! You have books to write and you have a ready editor. Now all you need to do is get started, or finish what you started. Cheers!


Yes I do, thank you for the positive boost.