At least the kite surfers have fun in the blustery wind on my surf beach.....

in writing •  16 days ago

I am feeling a little downhearted of late, my surf beach is still full of cloud and wind. Where are the soft sunset colours that usually fill the sky, where is the reflection of the golden light on the wet sand and where are the birds?

I am here said the wind. Look at the beauty of the clouds and the hues of blues. The kite surfers loved it all, I could feel their exhilarating energy as I watched from the shore. Part of me wanted to join them, to feel the joy of whizzing on the waves.

Trying to take a photo is almost impossible due to their fast speed, they are all over the place, on the waves, in the water and up again coming across the waves.

So I decide to aim for the sky to take photos of the kites, four furiously fast here there and everywhere. All over the place, never together.

Looking up worked!

Cheers and blessings

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Howdy there angiemitchell! wow those people working those kites are standing in the water? Those are very good shots considering those things are all over the place so fast!


Hi janton, just found your comment. The kite surfers are on standing on boards that skim over the water. It is a very skilled fast sport.


oh I get it! thanks angiemitchell, now I see what's going on, I bet it's fun to watch, have you ever tried it?