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Hello Steemit! , here I am once again, 😁 after burning a joint of buds, here I am lying on my little bed and I got me thinking about my life. I am at a point where I really want to discover myself and be of usefulness to my family and loved ones. I want to make a living the honest way at least, I'm still trying to figure out which way to go..I can only hope I figure it out soon. But for now, I'll just go along with the flow of things, do my best and see how things go, I guess.

Going by the time of this post, it's bedtime here, So I'm simply lying on my bed, playing meself some music from my phone and just ponder on thoughts that come to mind till sleep comes and takes over. I particularly listen in on the songs I have a certain flare for, process the lyrics with thoughts too and see how they reflect on my life or things around me. Especially those that I can relate with. I Even put some on repeat for days till I get tired of listening to them. 😰 and then I go searching for another song to listen to and digest .

A school of thought says "Music is food for the soul. I definitely agree. Some say Music is a way of life. I like to say Music is the most interesting and important form of communication. Imagine life without music.. 😏.. Boring right? I can't imagine a life without music. It would be absolutely stark boring.#Music elevates the mind when depressed. It serves purposes that wouldn't come to mind ordinarily.. But trust me when I say Music is a vital part of our every day to day being.

Music has evolved just as man has evolved.. It changes with each generation. So does the content of these songs. The kind of music my parents listen to is not the type of music me and my siblings listen to. We'd rather go for the contemporary type of hip-hop, trap, electronic and rap music.. People like Wizkid, Davido, Ycee, Dremo and quite a number of artistes in the local scene here make sure to provide these for us. People like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jon Bellion, Future, Migos and an endless list of A-list and B-list artistes make up the foreign category of artistes that are trending in my country.

I have listened to quite a number of genre of songs available for me and I'm willing to listen to some more whenever I am chanced. I know there are so many types of music all around the world, given that almost every culture comes with its own type of music. But in my country, majority of the youths listen to our own version of hip hop where we mix our language and sounds into the music; making it suitable for hearing and for us to dance and move our bodies to.You'd be awed, when you see the kind of dance moves we've got in my dear country #Nigeria. A country that boasts of **one of the largest music and entertainment industry on earth **.. A country so strong and filled with different cultures "unified as one". We also listen to a lot of foreign songs too, especially American music (basically rap and hip hop) which has so much influenced the type of music produced here.

I believe music should be a media of communication between the artiste and the audience. They should pass a certain message to those listening.And should contain good enough content at least with something to ponder on, kinda like a "food for thought“.. It shouldn't be all about the beat and making money. There should be passion involved too. Most artistes in my country are into music for the money and little care about what music should truly be. Most of them pass the same type of message, which to me I believe is so short sighted. They all sing about money which most of them don't even have, bitches and yes they brag about things I believe they can't even dream of doing.Some sing about violence and all, which isn't really a problem, but it becomes a problem when it is used to promote violence, cos believe me, music is one of the fastest ways to get through to a person's inner mind and this is what makes us who we are. But as long as they got a nice beat from a producer and some good mixing, they are good to go. I'll be honest, it's tiring already.! . Listening to the same thing from different artistes over and over. They even tend to shoot music videos just about the same way.. Some lights, girls almost naked to dance and strip and haaa yes, the borrowed cars, and booze too..I like these too. But honestly, it ain't good enough for me.. I can only imagine what music will be like for the next generation after ours.. I know there are good artistes out there waiting to be heard. Don't give up! Keep doing your thing and hope for the best. Your voice will definitely be heard someday by those who appreciate the kind of music you sing.

I could go on and on, on the topic, but then my article would probably get boring.. I wrote this only to share my thoughts on music of today and where it is headed especially in my country Nigeria. Please let our musicians be mind conscious, and please give us something good that we can relate to. Something to think about and actually make sense of. Make it enlightening. And give us credible videos too. 😁. Thank you

Gosh! I can only imagine how music will be in nearest future..

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