Kano and it's footballing spirit...

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So it's the month of #February again.. The month of #love some would call it.. It's no doubt the month to show love to people around us. We should all do our own quota and show love to the ones who need help around us.. It shouldn't be all about #sex and #romance.. Don't you agree?

It's also all about football given the various super matches that are to hold for the UEFA champions league. I so look forward to watching those games. Especially #PSG vs Real Madrid FC and #Chelsea FC vs #Barcelona FC matches respectively.What an awesome day it'll be.

This is my second month in my village Wudil here in kano. It's mostly cold out here due to the harmattan season which should round off soon I hope.. It's chilling cold and windy here at nights .. Can't wait to experience other seasons..

#Football to those who love it is a way of life. And trust me it really is a way of life here in Kano. To me, I'd say after #Islam which is the major religion here, politics, agriculture and trading, football comes next in #Kano. They love it and play it with passion. Boys with ages less than 10 years play football like professionals here. They train almost on a daily basis after school and Arabic classes (Islammiyya) which they so much cherish and believe me, they are well trained with the little resources available for them at their disposal.


There are various football teams in my village Wudil for example. Even we the "corpers" are not left out 😁. I heard we've never won a match against the locals here.. I am a witness to two occasions already. Which we lost both 😁. And these teams supposedly called amateur teams trash us with at least 2 goals when they are not "playing well" according to them.Now don't get me wrong, We got good players too but we definitely are not on the same level of fitness and skills as compared to the teams here.

The best team around ; Wudil FC is one of a kind.. The calibre of players found in the team is amazing to me. And yet they are still low ranked compared to other teams in the states. Which emphasizes the fact that competition here is tight. It is no wonder the club representing the state ;Kano Pillars is one of the best in my country's top division football competition; Nigeria Premier League (#NPL) . They have won the competition not less than 4 times and other trophies too.


Its funny how most of them here don't go to school, some even believe it's not proper to have the "Whiteman" education and yet they have this passion for football which is definitely a "Whiteman's game". Scouts interested in potential young talents should come looking, for I'm sure they got whatever it is scouts look for in players.


Life here is on a whole new page to me. I'm definitely interested in exploring everything possible here. My only wish is that things change for the better in my damned country so people can fully realize their potentials and see what they truly got in them.. Cos I know #Nigeria is blessed with Natural and human resources, talents and gifts undiscovered.

God bless #Nigeria

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