Why do we dream?

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Dreams are visual phenomena. In this kind of sleep our consciousness is restricted. All humans as well as higher developed animals dream. Everyone dreams a lot, but the duration depends on the age. During the dreaming, the sleeping person is difficult to wake up, but still perceives external stimuli. Dreams include not yet processed information charms from the previous day, so-called day remnants. According to Alfred Adler, the day's remarks reflect important topics for the dreamer. Younger researchers are of the opinion that dreams are used to process information taken during the day.
Alfred Adler, however, disagrees here: the goal of the imagination is the completion. The imagination uses the ability to guess, but it is not said that it will guess correctly. The task of the community feeling is to distance oneself from common sense, that is, from the sense of community. Whenever you have to deal with the future, the fantasy is automatically switched on. If the procedure is correct, you will always hit the ego, that is, the whole thing. We always strive for superiority. The weakness of man reflects the onset of the imagination. It serves to maintain the mental balance. When reality becomes intolerable, we escape to the magic of the imagination. Thus, everything that is fantasized or in a dream is a parable, a comparison, a metaphor. This fact helps us to understand the dream. Dreams always appear as a "visual fact".
Sleep is not to be equated with death, for the sleeper can be awakened by light and noise. Even in sleep, the unity of soul life is preserved. The lack of community feeling prevents the solution of the problem so that the individual is looking for a simpler solution. The striving for superiority removes the individual's pressure from inferiority.
Dream contents always consist of daily remnants. Nevertheless older pictures can appear. But there are only pictures that are known to us. Because of the fact that in the dream often metaphors and comparisons occur, there is the danger of self-deception of the dreamer.
The dream remains the same as in fantasizing, that is emotions, feelings and an attitude.

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