Common Errors in English; Confused Words

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English language has become a global adopted language due to the political and economic power of its native speakers. It was British imperial and industrial power that sent English around the globe, most especially Africans' nation.

Nations that adopted English as their second language[already have existing language, mother tongue] L2 is enormous compared to native English speakers. That's the reason why I have decided to talk about some of these inevitable errors made by the English language Speakers as a second language.

Below are the words with sentences imagesource
Fruit - part of plant that is fresh, so it doesn't not attract (s)
She sells fruit in Ibadan
Fruits -figuratively; the result, benefit or reward of an activity.
I pray you live long to reap the fruits of your labour. (For somebody that works hard raising a kid).

Being; it is used after auxiliary verb is, are, am, was, were.
She is being nice.

Been; after auxiliary verb has, have and had.
He has/had been nice.
They have/had been good.

Capital; a city or town where a government of a state or country is carried on.
E.g Asaba is the capital of delta state.
Capitol; the building in which congress or state legislature meets.
The Capitol in Asaba is popular with local dignitaries.

Appendices; an additional part of a book.
E. g There are appendices on spelling and pronunciation at the end of the book.
Appendixes; a part of the human body.
E.g Two if the patients had their appendixes removed by the surgeon last week.

Cite -reference; to give or mention as an example.
Sight-power to see.
The site engineer was unhappy with the shoddy work done by the contractors

The lecture became boring as the lecturer cited many irrelevant works of Shakespeare's

Demi lost his sight after many years of Ill health.

Biennial; once in every two years.
Biannual; it occurs twice in one year.

The African Cup of nations is a biennial event.
The club holds biannual meetings in July and December every year.
Fateful - sorrowful, an important often very bad
Faithful -trustworthy, Loyal; adhering firmly to person or cause.

On that fateful day when her mother was killed by some hoodlums over a pairs of shoes.
My servant is very faithful to me, he never once stole my things nor lied to me.
Artist /artiste
Artiste -one who entertain people; such as characters in a play.
Artist- a sculptor, designer or a painter.
Odunlade Adekola is an artiste who features in the Johnson.
My friend Bolaji is a tattoo artist in Lagos.
Haven /heaven
Haven, a place that is safe and peaceful where people go to rest.
Heaven- the place believed God lives.

San Francisco city is a haven for foreign tourists.
Do you want to ascend into the heaven?
Cease /seize
Cease-to stop, to bring something to an end.
Seize -to take hold or take possession of something using force.

The officer was compelled to seize the suspect's car.
Wonders will never cease.
Born- come into the world; given birth to.
Borne - past tense of bear.

She was born in the year 1995.
The responsibility of paying my school fee was borne by my elder brother.
Access/ assess
Access; opportunity or right of approaching somebody or something.
Assess; to estimate the natural quality of something.
Students should have access to their teachers at all time for effective learning to take place.

it is difficult to assess the impact of the president speech.

stationary/ stationery
Stationary- not moving, not changing in condition or quality.
Stationery; materials for writing

My school has ordered some office stationery.

Government should remove all stationary vechicle from our roads.

Childish; negative meaning intended
Childlike; positive meaning intended

Although Elizabeth is married yet she behave in a childish manner.

Funmi is 50 years old; but she has a childlike face which makes one think she is a teenager.

Coax; to persuade a person to do something by talking to him or him in a gentle manner.
Coarse; rough, not fine, not polite.
Coerce; to force somebody to do something by using threat.

The nurse coaxed the patient into talking his medication.

Stop using coarse language, it can land you in trouble.

An attempt to coerce the government into reducing petroleum price failed woefully.

Today's lesson
Advice/ advise
Advice (N); recommendations about what to do.
Advise(V); to recommend something, to give advice to or offer a suggestion.

Please give me some advice about planing a trip to USA.

I advised him to pay his rent on time so as not to be sent out of the house.

Assent/ ascent
Assent; agreement, approval to do something.
Ascent; the action of rising or climbing up or movement upward.

The president gave his assent eargely to the proposed bill.

Belgium has a lot of star players so their ascent to the title game should be easy.

Altar/ alter
Alter; a sacred table where religious rituals take place (in the church)
Alter; cause to change, make different or transformation.

The congregation approached the alter where the priest stood to bless them

You shouldn't engage in some irrational activities that can alter your destiny.

Envelop; to cover or surround something completely.
Envelope; a paper container for a letter

Fog enveloped the house last week Saturday.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a letter that my friend sent me .

Story/ storey
Storey; a floor or level of a building or ship
Story; a tale or sequence account of real or fictional events.

Tom wrote a story about wanderer's animals.

This is a storey building.

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