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so sorry guys for stalling this story for a long time. I am going to continue posting it now

"Do I like her? I don't, I do, I don't know, maybe I just pity her...I can't tell, I shouldn't jump into conclusion"
Davies pondered for hours as he stared at Coco who laid on the bed.

He sat on the couch for a while till he felt the need to go closer, he wanted to make sure nothing of any kind would hurt her, he had to be close enough. He went closer and sat gently on the bed, he didn't mean to but Coco was quite sensitive, she opened her eyes the next minute and noticed him.

"Davies, lie on the bed with me"
She beckoned
"Coco I..."

"Please" her plea softened his walls, he gave in and laid beside her, but still tried to observe a little distance between them. They both stayed put for a while, both could hear their heart throb so hard against their chest.

It was quiet and awkward for a while until Coco zeroed out the fear and turned to face Davies, she never wanted to be too close, she had thought he was at the edge of the bed, but the moment she turned she laid breathe to breathe with him.

Her heart doubled it's beat, her breathe went out of control, she was scared and at the same time she burned with desire, desire to touch his lips. Davies swallowed hard countless times, he could feel the burning desire, his hands were unstable, he had a strong willpower, he had the ability to control his body but now he couldn't explain how this woman steered up every part of him with just a breathe on his lips.

His eyes were going dim, he was going to touch her lips but he fought it from within him, no, he shouldn't do that, he would be taking advantage of her weakness. It was an endless struggle, he bit his lips in an attempt to feel pain, perhaps it would bring him back to his senses but it was fire to Coco.

She sensed his struggle, she understood because she was fighting the desire too, but she had to admit, she wasn't as strong as he is, her hands reached and touch his lips, it sent shocking waves down his spine, he took a deep breathe and was still strong enough to mutter


She felt his soft side beards with her hands as she soothed and reached for his lips. Finally, the fire went wild, slowly she kissed him, she sucked on his lower lips and bit them a little, it was too hard for him to resist, he gave in and picked her upper lip with his tongue, she was glad for that because it gave her full access to his lower lip, she caressed and tickled till the kiss went from calm to passion and then hunger.

Her hands went to his hair, she felt like tearing his shirt to shreds. His hands trailed down to her waist and pulled her to his chest. She let out a soft moan when he placed feather light kisses on her neck down to her chest. The desire burned until it went out of hand and awakened the past, she shuddered and jerked off him. Still shivering she folded to herself and pleaded as usual.


He felt his heart rend to pieces when she sobbed and folded to the other side of the bed.

She continued.

"Coco...I'm so sorry, I...I shouldn't have..."
He couldn't find the right word, he couldn't touch her either, he was scared of what damage it might do. Then suddenly he got bold, she can't go on like this...she can't continue to cower before her past, it's time she face it!

Damn the consequences! He reached for her and pulled her to himself.

"Coco! Listen to me, you have to fight this, you have to fight back, you can't let him keep harassing you, you can't let him keep winning this fight, fight back you hear me! Fight back!"

She released his grip and went back to her folded position in tears.

"I can't, he is too strong, he is hitting me, my hands are tied, see he tied my hands already, I can't"
Her eyes were shut, she could see the past afresh again, she was being molested, her mind had succeeded in making her believe she was helpless.
Davies wouldn't give it up. He drew her again and held her to himself

"Yes you can Coco..."
Tears were dropping from his eyes already that his voice became tearful.

"Yes you can! Set yourself free, cut the ropes! The very first day I saw you, I knew you were strong, I knew you were a survivor, prove to me that I wasn't wrong, beat Felix this time, fight for your freedom"

Her breathe went uncontrollably that he feared she might go into shock, her nightgown was soaked with thick sweat, she struggled with painful tears and cried even more.

"I can't... It hurts...I have nobody, he says I have nobody, no one is coming for me, no one will save me"
"No you are wrong, I am coming for you Coco, you have me, I am coming to save you but first, I need you to fight! I can do nothing until you fight Coco, I would never leave you, I swear it. Now fight back!"

"I can't..."
"Shut up and fight Coco!"

Davies interrupted her resistance and pushed her to her limits, she screamed and gave him a hard hit with her elbow, he winced in pain but still tried his best to hold on.

"That's it Coco, hit him! Hit him!"

Her eyes were shut, all she saw was her past before, she wasn't running, she was fighting back. She hit him again and again with all the strength she had. Her elbow landed on his left eye, his cheekbones, his chest and anywhere her fist landed...he persisted till he had no strength left to hold her still. She turned and pushed him to the floor, he landed hard to the ground and bruised his arm against the wall.

He swallowed hard with clenched teeth, quietly he winced in pain. She knelt on the bed and took a deep breathe.

"I fought him, I won, I am free"

She muttered in a weak tone.

"Yes you did"

Davies was there to reply. She fell to the bed breathlessly.

"I'm free"
was the word she kept muttering till she fell asleep. He picked himself up afterwards, he was full of bruises and cuts. He had a black eye now. He took a shower and laid on the couch to find sleep.

The pain he felt was immense but it wasn't compared to the Joy he felt, she was finally free and he was glad.

Coco woke up the next day feeling light, she felt a big burden has been lifted off her shoulders. She yawned and stretched out. This was the first night she didn't dream of her past oppressing her, infact she fought and conquered this time.

"What a dream"

She muttered and called for Davies.


Her eyes went wide on his seeing his swollen eyes and bruises.

"Oh no, it wasn't a dream"

She realised and hurried to him.

"Davies I am so sorry, jeez, I am so sorry"

"It's ok, its okay, I have been rude to you so I deserve this huh"

He tried to laugh but the sharp pain that cut across his tummy prevented him.

"Why did you do this?"

She helped him sit on the couch and hurried to get ice and a napkin. She folded the broken bits of ice into the napkin to massaged his cheek and swollen eyes.

"I promised to protect you, i was just trying to fufill my promise"

She didn't see any sense in what he said.

"And get bruised in return, no Davies, that's not it, why did you this? Why did you go to this extreme to help me fight my past? Why would you share in my pain? Why would you go through pain for me? Why would...."
"Because I love you..."

He Interjected and caught her off guard. Her mouth stood agape and she stammered when she asked again.

"Be...cause you wh..what?"
"Because I love you Coco... I can't explain it, I don't know how it happened or when it started or even if it's what I truly feel but I love you, that is the only explanation I can give right now"

©onyeneke Abel . September all rights reserved.
Love is a game

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