How I met Halima

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The school environment bubbled with youngsters with different agenda. The ones with green files were easily spotted as newly admitted students running to and fro. The returnees were not left out, there were tons of practical classes, presentations,lectures and assignments to attend to; and they never failed to act like bosses to the newly admitted students.

It was monday again. The first day of the week which happens to be the most hectic. I had series of lectures, practical and a compulsory visit to my project supervisor. I resolved to accomplish each task and to do so, I would have to be up as early as possible. Quickly I took my bath, ate breakfast and dressed in the prescribed departmental uniform

(a white laboratory coat over the tucked shirt with knotted tie and black polished shoe to complete the dress code)

I was metres away in haste when I discovered I was rather too early. The class was schedule for 9am and when I glanced at my wrist watch,I discovered it was just 7.30pm! I stopped for a while and took a deep sigh, there is no point going back home so I majestically counted my steps to the faculty.

I resolved to have a good chat with my fellow friends or probably have a free stroll before class.
I could see my faculty in sight already, i felt like retracing my steps and start all over again, maybe that would kill more time, but It didn't sound mature so i waved it off.


About 60 meters to reach the class, I turned round to a Cashia tree, it was a quick glimpse, but my eyes caught something so i gave it a second look to see a cute young lady crying. I stopped and started towards her, instantly i felt like prince charming going to save his princess.


I called and got to see her dark brown eyes. Although it was tears filled but i was able to see past the tears, her eyes were beautiful and it only intrigued me the more.


she replied tearfully.

"Why are you crying? You've got no transport fare"

In school environment, the one thing that would make a student sad is no transport fare. That's to my own understanding, although i have never witnessed anyone crying over such minor issue.

"No sir, i am Halima and i just got admitted"

She just got admitted, well that's good news, i didn't see it as a reason for the tears anyway, there is more to it, i was certain and patient to understand what the real problem is.

"Oh i see, so what's making you cry?"

I inquired again.

She sniffed continuously and took time to control her pace before she replied.

"i entered the school via the North gate with my school bag, a moment of waiting to buy the green files, and I found my bag which contained all my credentials missing. I don’t even know the department of chemistry talk more of starting the registration process"

instantly I felt like prince charming to the rescue.
With concern all over my face I pulled her to stand on her feet.

"That's some tough luck you got girl, Anyway, you can’t be sitting here and weep all day without taking a step. Lets report to the security to see what they would do"

She nodded in response and together we started towards the security. We walked in silence till it felt a little awkward. I decided to stir the atmosphere a little and make the moment worthwhile.


"So where are you from?"
I chipped in stylishly.

"Well I am from Kwara state, I was born and raised there"

I was amazed with how she spoke eloquently. She looked quite smart and fun to be with

"Hmm interesting, I've never been in kwara before, how is the weather over there?"
She smiled a bit now and was rhetorical in her reply.

"Its cool"

"And school?"

I switched the topic.

"I attended Prime target Secondary School in Kwara State, I graduated this year and sat for jamb, to God be the glory, I got admitted"

For a minute there I was lost staring at her pink lips, I began to imagine how tasty it would be. I was smart to look away before she took note.


In minutes we got to the security office and luckily for us, her bag was on the officer’s desk.

We tabled our grievances and were given the bag after she was able to provide proof of ownership.
I didn't want to leave her yet, I still felt the need to finish what I started. I lead the way to her department for her registration. On our way we talked more and by this time, I had completely forgotten about the lectures until I received a call from my class rep.

"Where are you, there would be a test in five minutes!"

The phone went hot on my ears, I quickly collected halima's contact and hurried to class.

All I could think of was halima, my mind was not really in the test. Though it was an easy one, I was quick to round it up. I was eager to leave the class and as soon as the lecturer left with our answers sheets I hurried out of the class and contacted Halima immediately.. She sounded alright now and I couldn't hide the smiles that graced my lips.

Finally the day lectures came to an end. I quickly contacted Halima and took her to a Pepsi joint to cool off before we completed the day registration.

We talked about more personal stuffs, she was free and open to me. I was a bit surprised but hey, it was fun. I didn't want to go to deep into her personal or love life, i felt i would be exceeding my limits. Towards evening i accompanied her to the gate and bade her farewell. I was really hoping to see her the next day. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a whole new story.



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Wow this is lovely, please do this for my future posts. I love it!

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This is cool. Well ordered and comes packaged.
Even i cant stop looking at her pink

Lol...her lips is something else, even if its just a figment of my imaginations and a pix to back it up, i still can't stop staring😂

Lol. .. Right. The girl Issa fine girl

Lovely story, keek it up

Thanks for your divine prayer.

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