To Write of Not To Write?

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Is it Worth the Time to Write in Steemit Now?

This question is bugging me for days now since the trending page is not showing what I think really is trending

Ok, so the question is, "What should I write?". I think many writers or steemians here are quite interesting to hear what those in trending page are doing in order to keep their stories on top. Of course we know bid bots play an important role as well as their curation trails. I don't think there's anything wrong with that but it seems like those features are getting abused in some way.

Only few people now are interested in really reading each post. This is maybe due to some investment opportunities out there that don't require one to find manually a post to vote. Of course in investors point of view, it would be more profitable to vote the one with the most return. That's perfectly understandable for I'm one of those who look into such things.

There are lots of things happened this past few days with me and that drags me to not be able to write anything. I prefer to keep in private but I just want to express it somehow in this free world that Blockchain can offer. Well, this is because no definite rule is yet applied here. I'm pretty sure it will change in the future but for now, let's enjoy the freedom and cash!

Do Minnows Still Have an Edge on This Platform?

Hi my fellow minnows! How are you today? I hope you're doing fine. Gotta work in building our curation trails!

I might be wrong on this one but this is just what I observed. It seems that the quality of upvotes for the past few days is not as good as before. What I mean is, it seems that some people lost the enthusiast to read an interesting story or post from one person. This is becoming a numbers game where 0 is definitely a trash compared to 1. Well, I don't have explain that phrase in detail. You should know what I mean guys!

Well, even though the odds seems not favorable to us minnows as of the moment, I think it can still be worth the try to contribute our knowledge in this platform. The Steem Blockchain has a lot of potential and the developers seems to be doing what they can to make this work. I truly believe people has it's own choice of freedom so they can upvote whatever post they want to upvote or downvote vice-versa. I just hope the current state of trending page now won't affect the momentum of this platform to reach the top and stay on the top in the future.

I might be only hoping for this one but I wonder when will the founder of Facebook and other famous social media enter the cryto space. It would be fun and exciting to see them in interviews and TV to tell the world how they feel about our platform and how it could benefit the small people all over the world. I still believe in the potential of this platform as a whole. It's just that some people prefer profit now than profit later.

What Can Minnows Do as of Now?

Having no edge doesn't mean you can't do anything anymore in a fight. Of course we people can always do something. We just have to act on it and be consistent to make it work!

Now that the bid bots are having negative returns, I think it won't be very useful for minnows to use it unless they want to promote their posts and not mind if their funds will be lesser and lesser every 7 days. Of course it will still all depend on the price of Steem Blockchain and the number of upvotes Steemians are willing to give to one another. Right now, it seems it won't be much of a help if we really on bid bots alone.

So what to do now?

Even I ask this "What should I do now" or "What should I write". If you're going to access those in trending page, most of them have niches they focus on. Well, some of them are posting one photo and nothing else but on trending page with the help of bid bots.

I think it would be best to pick a niche or something to focus on right now. Try to research more about a certain topic. You might want photography, travel or food. Those seem to be always interesting as people eat everyday and want to see what's good in the eye which can be given by beautiful photos and views if you're taking pictures while traveling somewhere interesting to visit. You might also want to focus on gaming such as PC or mobile games. If you're a League of Legends player, then maybe you can showcase your playing skills by showing us your awesome game plays. You can just write few things about your favorite champions, builds, strategy and etc.

There are lots of thing a minnow can still do in order for him to be on top of the steemit platform game. Let's give those $$$$ to the whales for now with the help of bid bots and others. One thing that is common to successful people is they always do consistently what they have to do. As the famous quote says:

"Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you're done!"

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