Kite Competitions in Aceh

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kite competitions are often carried out by the people of Aceh. This is a tradition that has been passed down from Aceh. Kite race certainly has its own historical value among Acehnese people, especially children who are very enthusiastic in welcoming this race. the race is held in the late afternoon so the weather is more supportive of kites. this time the race has the criteria that the winner is a more upright kite that will get the main number with the time determined by the panelist team. kite competitions are usually held after the community's rice harvests rice. if you want to get a registration form, you will be charged 25,000 rupiah. with a grand prize of 50000 rupiah. in this competition the committee team applied a group system including per group there were 10 kites and in each group there were 3 categories namely 1.2 and 3. from the results of the match the group would go to the semi-final and to the final to get the best. this race is carried out only between villages. To be able to participate in this race certainly does not have to spend expensive because the material needed only costs 50,000 rupiah. Of course this is a race that anyone can take part in. Well, for the steemians, let's support this event to preserve our culture.

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