WP Social Traffic Review - 50% DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

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What Is WP Social Traffic? 

Every website & blog on this planet needs more traffic.

What if you could just log into your wp site, press just ONE BUTTON and 100s & 1000s of visitors would start visiting your web-site AUTOMATICALLY.

Yes - 100% REAL People - that's what WP Social Traffic does.

It connects with niche communities and fanpages on fb and shares your content with them automatically & engages with them to DRIVE them back to your web-site.

This is a tool that everybody with a website needs.

You will never have to pay for traffic ever again.

Works in ANY Niche you want. 100% NEWBIE Friendly - Push Button tool.

Getting more traffic is now just ONE Click away!


Front End - Features

[+] 1-Click Software Gets REAL Traffic to Any Wordpress Site!
[+] Get Targeted Traffic from FB- without any ads.
[+] 100% AUTO-PILOT - Set & Forget software, just press one button and get real traffic.
[+] Fully Newbie Friendly - click a button and you get traffic.
[+] Full Control over how your posts look on FB- Preview & Customize.
[+] Get Traffic from the most popular & active fanpages and communities on FB.
[+] Use Custom Spintax for your posts &comments - make your posts look more natural.


OTO 1 - PRO Version Features

[+] Create Unlimited Traffic Campaigns to run in parallel.
[+] Promote the same post across multiple campaigns at the same time.
[+] Get Ultra Targeted traffic to your web-site, posts & pages.
[+] Promote your content to Unlimited Pages, reach 100,000+ people at the same time.
[+] Get 10x MORE reach for your posts - 10x more traffic.
[+] Find & Target more niches - use upto 10 keywords to create your campaigns.
[+] Target 10x more fanpages in the PRO version.
[+] You can also add custom fanpages for driving traffic.
[+] Use Nested Spintax for comments and posts.
[+] Get a complete LOG of posts - shows all successful promotions and any errors.
[+] Live Scheduler lets you see exactly what promotions you have queued up


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