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So basically a midget or be so big that you can not eat for days and never feel hungry lol I choose the latter

130 pounds and I want to double it for more than 20yrs tho I’m 25 now

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I'm already short enough

Double my height

I prefer double my weight. I lost alot since I entered school.. I do miss my mama's food once in a while since I read under empty stomach a lot- that's africa for you 😂

lol... yeah, i will take 350 pounds over 2 foot 8. =)

I suppose this will answer your question.

I'm 6'2 and 130. I'll take double the weight please :)

Shit, both would suck. I'm not a light guy 😂 but I guess I'd go with this. At least I can try to lose the weight, I'd pretty much be fucked being 2'10"

6'3" and 165, I like reaching things, but I'd like to be built a bit more like a tank, tbh.

I will be tall and fat

Don't you kidding me, I will go for weight, because i don't want to loose my height. weight can be loosed.


La mejor{

I'll be just another slightly obese American guy if I double my current weight now, so I'll go for this one

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No it will make me look fat

Well, I'm not a tall guy but double my weight I think I could deal with it. I wouldn't enjoy either but I could always try to loose the weight. If not then all you can eat is the new lifestyle!

Can it be double my weight in muscle?

I think i would go with double my weight because i have a chance of losing the extra weight...