Worship - the fake and the true

in #worship3 years ago

Of course you worship. You worship something or other. You can't help yourself.

If you do not give your acknowledgement to truth, you make concessions to falsehoods and fictions. You worship someone or something, whether or not you realise it. You worship even though you do not understand that this is what you are doing. You give your recognition to various persons and authorities. You cannot prevent yourself from acknowledging a range of powers and authorities. By giving them an acknowledgement that is misplaced or excessive you pay them tribute and so add to their power and so make them powerful, giving away to them what is yours and so alienating your own powers. You give yourself away, giving them what you should keep for yourself.

God alone can give us our true valuation. God alone can give us our proper worship. He alone can tell us apart from all other persons so he can give us the recognition and acknowledgement that is uniquely true and right for us. He knows us and gives us precisely that respect and love that is good for us. He neither overestimates nor underestimates us. His valuation of us is true, and his love does not have a limit. All worship that is not right is either an overestimation (in which we fear those who should not be feared) or an underestimation (in which we ignore or despise those who are due more than we give them).

Our value and our true valuation comes from God. He extends his recognition to us and so he values us, and as he values us, so we receive value and become valuable. We become what we receive from him. We become what he gives us. God gives us worth and considers us worth. This worthship is what worship is. He gives us his worship, which is his true estimation that we are his. We are his creatures and his people. This acknowledgement by God that this is our status is our entire existence. We live as a result of his worship of us. His valuation of our is our life.

Our worship of God is our response to his worship of us. It is his worship returning to him. We realise that he is the one who knows us, who values us and evaluates us truly. We realise therefore that our existence comes from him to us and travels back to him. This circulation of acknowledgement is the form in which we receive life. We live in gratitude. Life and truth and acknowledgement come to us but cannot stop with us or be impeded by our deficiencies or incapacity. Our existence continues because it is independent of our control.

The realisation that our worship comes from God is the beginning of our worship and of our ability to name and truthfully identify and value anyone and anything. Our gratitude is consequent on our realisation that we are valued and truly known. This is the moment of our waking up to and coming to wonder at the complexity and beauty of relationships that are independent of us but which we are dependent on within one creation. There is for the first time the possibility that we may know and evaluate anything truly because we are known and evaluated truly. God knows man as his creature. He owns him, takes responsibility for him, and despite all disaster does not give up on him or send him away but remains with him.

God’s ‘worship’ of man is not only the source of the value of man. God's ‘worship’ gives to man the means by which he can live together with other men. God gives this worship to man in order that man can see and value anyone and anything around him and so exist in a world of creatures that he can recognise and evaluate. Men can value and identify one another because with his worship God has given them the currency with which they can do so. God gives to man the worship by which man can give and acknowledge true worth to anyone and anything.