Worlds Greatest Shave: The Movie.......Fck Cancer

Worlds Greatest Shave.

Its pretty much all gone.

Saturday the 17th of March has come and gone and now my wonderful curly lock are all gone I should have posted this much closer to the day but working the Sunday and some amazing and exciting news for my family on Monday left me a bit distracted (I'm going to be a dad)

Just like every other post of mine with Fck cancer in the title all sbd generated from this post will be donated to the Leukemia Foundation through the Worlds Greatest Shave Which means your upvote is a donation.

Goal $2,500 Aud

Raised $1,600+ Aud

On top of the funds raised all those curls are getting donated to the Variety Children's Charity Hair With a Heart who make wigs for those affected by cancer.

I hope this qualifies for @hairshares if not hit me up and let me know if there are any Australian donations charities.

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This is a great charity you are doing, it takes someone with a brave and kind heart to pull this through.
Congratulations to you on becoming a dad soon, its really a great news for you and wifey @insideoutlet.
I pray people come out to support this course.
You look cute before and even cuter after...smiles!
Upvoted! And Resteemed.

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Great initiative, the sooner we can rid the world if this terrible disease, the better. It's something that has affected a big part of my family, so it's good to see that some people are helping to fight it.

Looking good! What a great way to support an important cause. These diseases suck, it is good to know people are out there fighting for ways to find a cure.

It's amazing what you have done in order to support others. Also congratulations on becoming a dad.

Looking good, and nice job on raising all that money too!

Hooray!! Good for you for doing this:) It looks awesome, but I know your girl is going to miss the curly locks ;)

You should be really proud of yourself buddy!

I have never had the luxury of those cool curls, But I have gone from long hair to not just shaved but skin, a few times. Your head feels lighter and you can feel a bit of a spring in your step too,

Thats great! That smile hasnt changed one bit!


Add a goatee and you got the Edward Norton thing going on!

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Well done... really well done what an amazing thing you did, does it feel cooler since you had it all shaved off??

So cool of you that you did it, @shai-hulud. Something you can really be proud of!
And congrats on becoming a dad!

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