Our planet Earth deserves the World Peace and Prayer Day!


Planet Earth is a sacred site and within it are thousands of sites that people have gathered at since the beginning of time.

World Peace and Prayer Day is June 21.
This “All Nations All Faiths One Prayer” day started 23 years ago in Big Island of Hawaii. And every year people all over the world gather at sacred places and pray for world peace.

Last year I was honored to spend this special day with water protectors at the Ramapough Lenape Nation's Split Rock Sweet Water Camp.
At this sacred place in New Jersey, we prayed for world peace and water. I hugged a tree and walked barefoot inside the ceremony circle.

I am saddened to learn that the establishment had ordered to charge the Nation for using this sacred place in New Jersey, so Ramapough Lenape Nation can’t use their camp for the peace ceremony this year.

But this won’t stop us from praying to wrap the Earth with peaceful vibration, energy and frequency.
Wherever you are, Let us all be kind to each other and let us all realize we are one. Peace!






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wow, amazing post ... inspirational !

thanks so much for sharing ... great to see a post under #nativeamericans