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Hi team,
I am really Concerned about the Resources we have in our Surroundings.So I always try to get the best possible use of the things I have.

Today I am sharing with you all my
Decorative Water Colour Bottles

As I am an Artist,empty #bottles are easily available with me. Instead of throwing them in a dustbin.I thought of doing something Creative with them.

So I gave them a new look.




Materials used::
✅Empty Water Colour Bottles
✅ Acrylic colour
✅Glue gun
✅ Swarovski
✅ Quilling Flowers
✅ Glitter

Hope you like my thoughts.

Please share your experience and if you have any concerns on how they're are made than please be free to leave your queries.

I would like to thanks @bambuka @xpillar @steemcurators ,worldofxpillar and the whole Steem community for their love and support.

Thanks for Visiting🙏.


A person with the right hands has no waste :))

Thank you sir 🙏