Day-By-Day Steem's Communities Statistic - Tue, 16 Apr 2024

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Symbol of community building (Wikimedia)

Established on the earlier one week blockchain's discussions (approximately 9402 posts/2336 writers and 28753 replies/1116 writers), we extracted some measurement of Steem's Communities drama as follows.

Thriving Communities

Groups that are rising.

CommunitySubscribersPending RewardsActive PostersWeekly Posts
WORLD OF XPILAR24,496$2,287263315
The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #188 - 14STEEM in prizes! - Submissions post
Digital Art, New Competition (No.27) You can win Steem. Congratulations to the winners from competition 26
PROMOTION STEEM, MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO ABOUT STEEM. prize pool of at least 49000 SP in delegation to the winners
Check my latest fight ! pedrobrito2004 vs The Goverment
Check my latest fight ! prcko vs bmeda
Check my latest fight ! piaristmonk vs The Goverment
Shoutout to the movers and
ZkSync airdrop criteria leaked
Yesterday GCR saved your portf
Last Day And Last Aftari Of This Ramadan...
Our Youth Alive Day
Today My crypto Alert - 9th April,2024
Steem Kids & Parents7,279$1,379362217
SEC-S17W2: family and leisure activities
SEC17 WK:#1: Forgiveness Unites Family
Wednesday – I spy with my little eye – Mini contest (91)
Tron Fan Club3,010$1,22063215
NFT-ART : Landscape art in hair
NFT-ART : Nice fish art. // Tron Fan Club // 10% beneficiary tron-fan-club
baamboozle abstract art.10% for.tfc
Steem For Bangladesh2,426$1,123324213
Contest : Season 1 #week2 " Save Water Save World "
SEC-S17W1: "Season of My Country"
SEC-S17W1: "Season of My Country"
Landscape Photography Challenge - Week 36 | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
Macro Photography Challenge - Week 36 | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
Moment-Of-The-Day Photography Challenge - Week 36 | Capture, Click, Compete!"
Steem For Pakistan2,534$939239171
SEC-S17 / W2 | What if you were the president of your country?
SEC-S17 /W2| "What if you were the president of your country?"
SEC-S17 /W1| The Hilarious World Of Stand-Up Comedy!
Beauty of Creativity10,154$1,03164129
Photography of the natural beauty of the rocks on the beach || 10% to @beautycreativity
Amazing looking pink color rose flower photography
Photography of small white pepper flowers on pepper plant
Wednesday news
Fresh crypto news
Incredible India2,550$948304109
SEC17/W2| While making decisions, what do you prefer to follow: heart or mind?
Winners announcement of SEC17/W1|Heaven and Hell fantasy or reality?
SEC17/W1 -Heaven and Hell fantasy or reality?
Hindwhale Community2,206$486131106
HWC contest #46: POWER UP & WIN - WEEK 37
I accept my role as a Steem Representative.
Contest!! "Book Knowledge vs Practical Knowledge"| Prize Pool of Booming Votes of
Project HOPE10,123$27563101
Bitcoin is Close to High Volatility Time
Hive Price is Moving Same as 2023
importance A job
Steem For Ladies2,510$657221100
Contest! The Diary Game – #35 & winners #34: Share your day with us!
After a power up of 5,800 STEEM, there are now 9 dolphins!
CONTEST & Winners! Choices! What will it be? #53
Steem Alliance2,476$1,5089199
Community ( X Social )Twitter Report publishing activities |11-04-2024 |
Hindwhale Community Monthly Performance Report | MARCH-2024 | - by @shravana
"Exploring Bitcoin's Layer 2 Networks: Enhancing Scalability and Efficiency"
The diary game || 13- 04- 2024 || My evening diary, meeting and celebrating with the steem representative @goodybest 6× dolphin.. ..
The diary game for || 13-04-2024 || Exercising and Celebrating @goodybest a 6X dolphin
The Highlight of Saturday's Meet-Up

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