Save Africa : Anticipating World Health Day 2018- Health For All, Towards Universal Health Coverage

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As a build up to the World Health Day 2018 set for April 7; yesterday (April 5), the Public Health Postgraduate Students' Association (PUHPSA), University of Ibadan, came on air to talk about the Health for All initiative, as a means for universal health coverage. This was in line with the declaration of the slogan for this years' world health day, which will see the wide use of the tag #healthforall.

PUHPSA was represented at Splash FM, Ibadan, Nigeria yesterday noon (1:30pm) by Olawale Awosika and Onyekachi Nwitteze, the socials and welfare directors of the given Public Health association respectively. The presenter, Micheal Olatunbosun was glad to have PUHPSA around on the show 'talking point', as they shared interesting points revolving around health and state of the Nation in that regard. PUHPSA wills to do more media advocacy in time and remains committed to spreading the knowledge and initiating the practice of ideal public health care, provision and culture to the people.

Special appreciation to all the team of executives of PUHPSA, @aerick and all planners. Thanks also to all who tuned in for your support and everything.
We appreciate the Presenter Micheal, miss Zainab and all the admin of Splash FM for the privilege to come on the show. More grace to you.

Nwabuoku, Udoka Shalom (Shalom'Shalom), of the @yowanetwork and privileged to be the 2017/2018 President of PUHPSA (Public Health Postgraduate Students' Association) sends warm appreciation to all for their support.

Stay tuned to @yowanetwork for more awesome information!


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Simply Amazing! Keep up the amazing work! Health and the youth is vital for this earths future!

✌awesome one sir

O yes!! We will keep doing more good works, thanks for your support. 👏

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Oh thank you for your amazing support

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