Art of Slamming in Kempo | Peoplephotography @worldcapture week #9

Happy friend of photography lovers

A pair of kenshi is showing slamming art in Kempo sports, at the Aceh Sports Week (PORA) XIII at Jantho Sport City (JSC). Martial arts is one of the branches in the four-year sports event in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

kempo contes.jpg

kempo contes_1.jpg

Camera: Canon EOS 550D

Koetradja, November 25, 2018


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Ngeri lihat orang dibanting2 😬

hahaha... jangan sering-sering lihatnya

Ngeri lihat orang dibanting2 😬

great choice of shutter speed

thank you for your attention, friend

That first photo looks really impressive!

Thanks for share.

Thank you friend.
I'm happy if you like it

Great capture! Thank you for participating and stay tuned for the winner announcement :))

Thank you very much @worldcapture

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