The Second New Belt Road Presidential Dialogue BBS Has Come To A Successful Conclusion In Beijing

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On the afternoon of August 10, 2019, the second New belt Road Presidential Dialogue Forum, cosponsored by the Organizing Committee of the New Belt Road Dialogue Presidential Forum, Guofa New Belt Road Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and the New belt Road Business School, was successfully held in Beijing.From Cyprus, Costa Rica ,Macedonia,Ukraine, Uruguay, Mexico, Slovenia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mali, ten countries of the former head of state and the Chinese ministry of commerce, the ministry of culture and so on several original ministerial leadership, embassies in China, and from all over the country society, enterprises and institutions on behalf of a total of more than three hundred people attended the event.


The minister Shared the achievements of "One Belt And One Road" in promoting cooperation and exchange of related industries.

This activity with “new opportunities for the new belt road" as the theme, invited the former vice minister of commerce Zhou Keren and the former member of the party group, deputy minister of culture Chang Keren, the original deputy director of the state council development research center Hou Yunchun, and they gave the opening speech respectively from the aspects of trade, culture, health, expounding the "area" construction implementation in six years in our country and in various industry exchanges and cooperation of countries along the achieved fruitful results.


The ambassador discussed in depth the "One Belt And One Road" initiative to encourage private enterprises to strengthen cooperation with foreign countries.

This activity consists of two parts: the ministerial dialogue and the ambassador dialogue. The secretary of the first round of dialogue with "Science and technology enable a country to develop, One Belt And One Road onto the road of scientific and technological innovation" as the theme to discuss. Hou, the original deputy director of the state council development research center,and the original ministry of foreign affairs ambassador to Sweden, Lv Fengding expressed respectively from the domestic industry development present situation and the international economic situation two angles of the technology industry development of our countryʼs advantages and challenges in the world. Xu Mingxin, the president of China business united sales group, and Song Zhanhua, president of Huaqiang energy group, and Liu Jiao, chief engineer of Guofa beidou (Beijing) research institute of science and technology, respectively expressed their views on topics such as enterprise transformation and upgrading after power reform and application of beidou industry globalization.


The second round of the ambassador dialogue was held under the theme of "Chinese culture and health industry escorts One Belt And One Road construction".Former Palestinian ambassador to China Mustafa Safarini and former ambassador to Saudi Arabia Wu Sike shared the new opportunities brought by the One Belt And One Road initiative for China-Arab strategic partnership in the new era from the perspectives of economic and trade exchanges, cultural exchanges and medical assistance.The CPPCC national committee, Changwang Guoxin,Li Yongsheng, dean of teaching and research at New belt Road business school,Zhou Zhongxing,president of the Adriatic Chinese chamber of commerce in Italy, and Mo Jiwen, vice president of the medical science and technology research institute of national medical and health research institute (Beijing)culture discussed health, industry and related enterprises how to use "One Belt And One Road" as an good opportunity to strengthen international cooperation for the enterprise growth with several ambassadors deeply.


The President helped launch the "New belt Road" series of theme activities, BBS, business school

The invited former presidents of several countries listened carefully to the guests' sharing on the theme of "One Belt And One Road" and gave warm applause. Among them, Mr. Miguel Angel Rodriguez, former President of Costa Rica, delivered a speech on stage as the President's representative, expressing congratulations and recognition on the opening of this event, and sending sincere wishes to all the guests present.

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