Apple launches MacBook Pro with the latest chip, keyboard

in #world2 years ago

Apple announced the new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro on Thursday, which is faster and easier to run than ever before. The new MacBook Pro models have 8th-generation Intel Core Processors, whose performance in models in the 15-inch display is more than 70 per cent and the 13 models have more than double performance.

Their price starts at Rs 1,49,900 and Rs 1,99,900. Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Apple's global marketing, said, "The makers of the latest generation of MacBooks are the fastest and most powerful of all the MacBooks we have ever made."


He said, "It has 8-core 6-core processors, its system memory is 32 GB, it has 4 TB superfast SSD storage, its retina display has a new 'troton' technology and touch bar, with advanced security. Apple has a T2 chip and a third-generation low-noise keyboard, which makes it the best notebook for Pro users. "


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