Minimalism is the best lifestyle. How to adopt it?

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Some readers may have already decided that they want to become minimalists. However, some may hesitate and postpone the decision all the time about it. I have learned a lot about the minimalism as a lifestyle and here my 5 main reasons, why is it the best way of living:

1. Less means better.

We don't use every item at our home. If you do not believe me, then just look at your shelves or maybe some packages with the clothes. When you are becoming the minimalist you will narrow the range of things up to 300-400 items. And this is just everything you need. Sometimes, travelling somewhere shows what you really use. Having less things is awesome: you are becoming free, not anchored to the place and your things are easy-to-change. Try to cut the number of your clothes or kitchen items. 30-days of minimalism is a nice game to start with.

2. Thing is not an investment.

I don't think that many of you invest in antique things, old wine and collectibles. If you do - then skip this step, if you don't - change the way you see things. Be honest with yourself, each item has its life cycle, so it is always an additional cost in your budget. When you are buying something, don't give too much meaning to it.

3."The effect" principle.

This means how do you spreading the effect of your money and can you really make them work. For example, imagine that you want to have a great bicycle, then you can buy the one that costs 1500 euro, or you can take the one for 500 euro and the rest spend for the cycling courses or a cycle trip. This will for sure increase your skills in cycling and you already made your things work. I can come up with numerous example, but the fact is that expensive thing won't make you do something better.

4. Less things,less costs.

Expenses from buying. Expenses from supporting. Expenses. Do you really need them?

5. Easy management

If you are not a StarCraft professional, then you cannot control a huge number of units. Less things allows you to increase your concentration. I have already written about it.
It is your choice whenever to become minimalist or not? But isn't it worth trying if it can make your life better?


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