Huffman, Loughlin & Many More Celebrities Get Bagged By FBI Bribing Ivy League Colleges - Truth Decentralized 3/12/2019

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Thanks for hanging out with us on this episode of The Decentralized News Hour. Tonight our hosts @Cryptic-Cynic, @MakinStuff and @Gregorypatrick gave our Libertarian take on the rumor mill that is our media circus by analyzing the big names in news and politics.

Here are just a few links to the news stories we brought up:

Operation Varsity Blues

Venezuela In Dire Trouble

Boeing Grounding Planes After Crash

Tucker Is Latest Celeb To Be De-personed

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Why is there so much focus on the celebrities who gave bribes? The focus should be on the colleges who TOOK the bribes.


My big gripe with the celebs involved is how they portray themselves as elite and altruistic, pretending to fight for tur downtrodden, but are just like the aristocrats we knew they were. Sort of a pullback for the curtain. I'd really like to go after the colleges next, is this something that should get a follow up?

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