Maybe this is the best of all possible worlds

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As depressing as it may seem, I've been having the sneaking realization creep into my head frequently of late that this may be the best of all possible worlds. What do I mean by that? That at our current moment in the history of things, where we actually are is the best we can obtain for the moment. A brief review of history shows the startling advances in knowledge and awareness even over just the past 500 years. The realization that the world is round, that there are 7 continents, that there are a diverse variety of peoples. The advancement of knowledge, of science, of enlightenment, of democratic systems, of steam and electric technology, the recognition of bacteria, viruses, and germ theory. The mechanical breakthroughs in trains, vehicles, roads, bridges, cities, modern infrastructure, and communication technology. Understanding more about the atom, quantum mechanics, cosmology... the bewildering fabric of all things. The system of finance, which at the moment terrorizes us, but creative thinking about goods and resources has produced enhanced flows and if applied correctly and humanely could be a tool of human ingenuity for the good. Our nascent awareness about ecology and environmental issues which due to immoral objections from the forces that be haven't yet been implemented. Collectively the advancements and achievements are startling and praiseworthy. As much as we yet find despicable and deplorabe in our "modern" state, there is no doubt that the past 500 years has been a thunderous revelation in so many ways. As we all take our deep, existential breaths we do need to acknowledge so much that has occurred, which is linked in tandem with all the marvelous that has yet to happen, which should happen, and which must be let to happen. Only in this can we continue to ensure the best of all possible worlds, as insufficient and unfinished as our current phase of history is.

Peace @ClumsySilverDad

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Today I feel good to read your article as you talked more about many good things..... If we look our past and compare with the present then obviously we are enjoying better life.

It's great to hear (or read) hopeful thoughts sometimes. I think we always have to acknowledge the good things among the terrifying ones.


Great point of view and state of mind #namaste #cryptoUpRising

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Our progressive was made upon the sacrifices of many people as well, we had to go through two world wars to come together and live in peace and even then we still have conflicts with each other in times of peace today.

Science has made a lot of progress as well, but that progress has been made by sacrificing people to experiments all in the name of progressing science.

I had some close friends tell me that I am going to live JUST long enough to wish I never had children. Pleasant thought huh?

I am just using the lingering sentiment to motivate me to do all I can now in case they are right, or wrong. Training, raising warriors, working for myself. Growing food.

There will always be the tinfoil hat wearers but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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aqui estoy apoyando su buen trabajo.gracias por su apoyo,saludos.

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