The world's happiest Finland, unhappy Burundi.

in world •  10 months ago

The happiest Finland people in the world are now the happiest people in Finland. The most unhappy country in the list released on Wednesday was the last place in the country, Burundi was given the African country Burundi

Bangladesh has 115th place in this list of 156 countries.

The United States influence on the world, military power and wealth increase, the country has deteriorated on the list.

Finland topped the list with 7 decimal 63 points. Social security, care for children, quality education and free treatment have increased their points.

Finland was at number five on last year's list; From there they came down from the neighboring country Norway (7 decimal 59) to second place.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) annual report lists the world's most happy and unhappy countries. This list is made per year on a number of criteria, such as per capita income, social security, health and average life expectancy, social independence and corruption levels.

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