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What Venezuela is currently living seems inexplicable, it seems there are as many explanations as there are people, each one with a different interpretation about what’s happening and the reasons behind the collapse that is causing the biggest exodus in the country’s history.

Everyone always says that this is wrong, but they will not agree on the cause nor on the reasons. Some will say those who rule do not know how to do it properly, others will say there are bad politicians, there are even some people who think that perhaps the cause is the corruption or simply those who oppose the government and “sabotage it”, others can say this is happening due to the idiosyncrasy of the people, that causes them to ignore the importance of freedom when it comes to developing a prosperous society. There are others who think that poverty is overwhelming the country and bad decisions are the result of this, and maybe there is even someone who blames the abundant minerals in the country, which makes people believe this is a rich place, without realizing minerals and natural resources alone don’t necessarily make a place rich. We could also surely find someone thinking that the people must be lazy, or uneducated, or any other unflattering trait, and of course, there will be others saying out loud it is the United States that wants to exploit this country.

However, there is one key aspect that is present in every peaceful place but is not present in the current Venezuela, and it consists in having respect towards the physical integrity of everyone, to the private property, and seeing violence as something that is only acceptable in self defense.

Any individual who respects those 3 aspects, will neither enslave nor rob anyone. If we don’t harm anyone and we don’t damage or take the property of other people, we are behaving like a peaceful individual who is not causing any trouble whatsoever. But this doesn’t happen when we have worked and are suddenly approached by a criminal who, under intimidation or through physical harm, coerces us to surrender the results of our work. This can be caused by any mobster, or through a government official abusing its power and taking advantage of his position inside the state.

Both the mobster and the corrupted government wants to take away other people’s money and resources, using tactics like intimidation and the threat of violence. The mobster only needs to show his weapon and the corrupted government uses armed officials who threat people with jail and with the confiscation of the property if the owner doesn’t comply with every absurd rule they can come up with.

Now if we consider that the government doesn’t have respect for the physical integrity of anyone, nor for the private property of the people, and even though violence is only justified in self-defense, in the end, nothing will happen, and there won’t be justice, no one will punish them for attacking the property of the citizens, because, how reasonable could it be to expect for them to not continue with their totalitarian ways?

The government is the entity that is always in charge of the implementation of justice, therefore it doesn’t make much sense to think there could be justice when it is the government itself the one violating the physical integrity, and the property of the people. To pretend this type of government with the same corrupted officials will punish itself is nothing more than a naive thought.

If given the chance, they will control as much as they can, things like in which street people can or cannot walk, they will establish the “allowed” prices in which products can be sold, they will try to control how much is being produced in the few companies that are still operating, or how much is the maximum amount of products that can be bought in the grocery stores. They will tell the people what are they going to do in their work, the number of children people can have, and even imposing the education for those children, they will do everything to control which books or newspapers to read, which TV show to watch and which radio station to listen to, all the above will happen since it the property and the integrity of individuals is no longer respected.

What happens then, is that we live in an environment of disrespect for the physical integrity and property of everyone, resulting in absolute impunity, because if it is not a crime for the government to attack, neither is it for any criminal or mobster from the street to steal or kill.

Right now, in Venezuela there is an extremely high crime rate, things like robberies, kidnappings, and stores being looted are getting more and more common, and the proper societal order is being disintegrated, in an environment such as this one, there aren’t too many people willing to risk their money and their time in doing some kind of entrepreneurship activity and trying to start a new successful business, there are always exceptions of course, but the trend is clear, and right now there are more business and companies closing their doors than new ones opening them for the first time.

I think it is clear by now, that in order for a country to have success and for the people to have a good quality of life, the economy needs to be as dynamic as possible, with a lot of movements and a lot of production, and this is achieved when a market economy is in place, allowing the people to enjoy a high level of economic freedom, so they can make all the transactions they need, and adjust their production and their prices according to supply and demand, with everyone respecting basic laws so the system isn’t disrupted.

But as we can see in Venezuela, something like that cannot happen in a country where the government not only doesn’t protect basic rights, but it is also the first one in violating those same basic rights. The crime immunity in Venezuela will continue until there is an important change regarding who are the ones conforming the government.

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Authored by: @dedicatedguy

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First of all, we need to agree on something that many people don't want. And that is that Venezuela is not a country anymore. It's just a region. This can be perceived by some people as an offense. But it is what is.

Such place get to this dramatic stage due to the poor culture of the people. This didn't happened one, two or three years ago. All this began when the former, and infamous president (Chavez) was elected in 1999. And he was elected because he merely tapped on people's sentiments. He never proposed anything nor he explained how he was supposed to help people.

Those people were asked how they thought their lives were going to improve and they didn't have no idea. After all, what he did was to impoverished the nation and nurtured the ignorance of the people so that he could turn them into dependent slaves.

Currently, going through all the nightmarish hardships, there are people more interested for alcohol or party (no wonder when any group were going to represent the nation in a sport event, the others refer to them as the drinkers or something worse).

Now, people laugh and make jokes about their own misery. Soldiers, who never understood the oath they took about protecting the civilians, are just low-life parasites.

And though some might say that this scenario can be seem anywhere. But the problem in Venezuela is that the average person is like that...

And there are people who deny this reality, highlighting that Venezuela has beautiful beaches, mountains, and whatever. But that doesn't represent a country.

What makes a place or region a country is the PEOPLE. And those citizens don't see the reality, and don't care. Some of them talk about the problems of economy, but there's no economy at all. How can we start talking about improving it if the corrupts wake up one day in the morning, and suppressed 5 units (zeros) from the nonexistent Bolivar currency? For good's sake, which country is going to do that?

That's not economy. It's a fictitious way to create the circus the Romans did during the Roman empire. And the bags of food that they sometimes give to those ignorant citizens is like the bread that were thrown to the crowd before the gladiators came out to the arena.


And that is that Venezuela is not a country anymore

It can be seen that way, although it has its borders and laws, so by definition it could be considered a country, although it is a collapsed and corrupted one.

All this began when the former, and infamous president (Chavez) was elected in 1999

Recently I was watching an old video from Alberto Garrido, where he explained this process started more than 50 years ago, with the Cuban government trying to get control over Venezuela.

highlighting that Venezuela has beautiful beaches, mountains, and whatever. But that doesn't represent a country.

Yeah I completely agree with this, I am so tired of listening to people saying how great this country is simply because of its natural resources...

Thanks for your well thought comment.

You return to expose a fundamental problem of contemporary Venezuela, @dedicatedguy: insecurity! As you well put it, we are in a corrupt country, malevolent, but also delinquent. People are leaving because there is a serious economic problem called hyperinflation, but there is also a lack of social and physical security. Any citizen is exposed to being robbed, raped, kidnapped or killed by criminals and nobody does anything. Human beings have a survival instinct, even animals have it, and when they feel their lives are in danger, the fairest and most certain thing is to flee, to leave. In Venezuela, justice also emigrated. We are left adrift, like a ship without a captain, exposed to the shipwreck. Many thanks to @adsactly and to you for giving visibility to our country.


Hello @nancybriti it is nice seeing a comment from you again :)

Any citizen is exposed to being robbed, raped, kidnapped or killed by criminals and nobody does anything.

I believe this will continue until a new government is established. There was a report from the economist where they compared the Venezuelan exodus to that of the Syrian refugees.

I guess you have seen a lot of people talking about an imminent military conflict right? because this topic is being discussed everywhere and it seems like something inevitable.

I think the Venezuelan government's job is not to force people to accept a new currency, but to change the way they think and develop their economy, and the country they need to be self-sufficient. be essential items. I hope the Venezuelans will have a better life in the future

Oh my God!!. Venezuela is really in a big means right now.
I came across a post like that in steemit, it's actually a nice post but it's centered on how to help feed the children there and I was so touched but now this?, should I just say there are more to come.
@adsactly I totally agree with you, the people of Venezuela have to come together and fight as one. It's very easy to put accusing fingers as you started but whose to come and say, yes I did this I did that but I'm sorry it wasn't ententional .
Which way Venezuela, which way to go?, don't they love their mother land?, I want to know?, which way Venezuela?, which way to go.

I pray they find an eminent solutions to their problems.


Which way Venezuela, which way to go?

Well, a solution to such a complicated problem is never easy, but talks about a potential international military intervention are getting more and more common.


Truly I agree with you. It's never easy. I wish them success


Truly I agree
With you. It's never easy.
I wish them success

                 - lilkeszi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Crime is a chronic problem of Venezuelan society. Its deep social causes include the consequences of the oil boom: demographic growth, a mass exodus from the village, and as a result the formation on the urban outskirts of wide marginal belts that for a long time were the focus of unemployment and the social disasters caused by it. In modern conditions - especially in countries such as Venezuela, where the welfare of the population has grown significantly over the past decades - the causes of criminalization are not reduced to poverty and unemployment. For several generations, stereotypes of the "consumer society" in the spirit of a ghostly, supposedly "American way of life" were perceived through the media, television series and computer games. A significant part of the youth is motivated to perceive the life of their parents and their own as failed and try to find the coveted "success" or at least its external attributes in a criminal way. seems there are as many explanations as there are people, each one with a different interpretation about what’s happening.

They all may have a different interpretations, but at the end majority knows something is wrong with the country. All the reasons you mentioned might be truth, even about America to be blamed. It’s tough to hear it, but it might be truth as well. In my opinion, it all comes back to Venezuela’s government. They crossed the line and once they did, they cannot allow people back to power. They know it would mean their end, and that’s why they have to do whatever is in their power to stay in power.


They know it would mean their end, and that’s why they have to do whatever is in their power to stay in power.

Yes, they are doing everything they can to not lose power, they know that once they lose power hiding will be the only way for them to survive. The problem now is that other countries are also being affected due the the huge amount of Venezuelans escaping the disaster and seeking help in other nations.

Venezuela’s condition is very critical. I think US has to take some action on Venezuela’s condition @adsactly

It is always a matter of having a decent government but people have no hand in that unfortunately. Even if elections take place in a 'democratic' way, once government is installed the people haven't got anything to say anymore and become dependant of the people at the top.


once government is installed the people haven't got anything to say anymore

Yes, it is common for politicians to forget about the wellbeing of the nation once they win the elections. I hope one day this can change.

The government there has betrayed its own people. Rather than step down it arrogantly presses forward. The good people of Venezuela deserve much better

Perkara yang sanggup memecahkan

We need to pay attention to all this. Its sad

@dedicatedguy, Yes, current situation of Venezuela is really painful and we can just feel it but the Venezuelans are facing it and whatever we are watching it's Inhumanity.

No matter which government, they promise towards the Welfare of the country and they win election and stand in the power and when time comes to the fulfillment of promises then many concentrate upon their own personal agenda.

And in my opinion Fiat money is just an tool to control the masses and governments can alter the Fiat System which impacts only to the masses but not to the Rich.

And in my opinion now it's time for the Revolution and instead of fighting with each other, common people should stand opposite to the government and they should collaboratively use the resources until the situation comes to the right point. At the end of the day we all belongs to one tribe and that is Humanity.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


now it's time for the Revolution and instead of fighting with each other, common people should stand opposite to the government

People have been doing that for years now, and there is always deadly repression coming from the government, but I think important events should happen very soon.


Yes, let's hope for the best and hope that situation will turn into fine soon. Stay blessed. 🙂

Good post please follow me

Excellent post friend, although it seems sad and critical is the harsh reality that we live in Venezuela where hyperinflation, violation of human rights, impunity, crime, speculation, hoarding especially food and wages are pyrrhic order of the day.

How did all this corruption,graft, and human suffering come to be? Was it started in 1999 with Chavez? If so, are you telling us that ONE individual was able to wield that much power without being checked?
Venezuela deserves all of the evils that are occurring now. For letting government become husband,mother,and caretaker this is what happens.
Swallow socialism and eventually everything dies...

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